be happy raglak and swasan fans

Raglak and swasan fans u all must be happy right sr is getting off air. Both of the fandoms are always fighting and trying to fall off trp when either of the pairs are getting importance.
You know what sr is getting off air just because of us. We should have watched it though raglak were not getting importance. The result of our fandom power fight is that now we cannot even watch them together ever. They all will be together someday has just minimal chance.

I have read many of sr fans saying that it should get off air, but y.. u only love sr and ur lovely pairs that much.
Guyz please we have just 20 days to retain sr just watch it at every telecast whether latest or repeat.
Please guyz please do watch it. Please yr
for ur lovely couples do watch it

even if you are ragsan or swalak fans do watch it yr
you will get a glimpse of them together pleaseyr

  1. Mahjabeen

    Yeah yarrr i totally agree wth u…pls fr few days guys b together..stop blaming other pair..pls atleast now stop fighting nd b togethr nd save sr frm gng off airswasan nd raglak fans pls watch da show at 9.30 nd if possibl pls watch repeat telexast also… Show dem guys dat our fandom power is nt weak…pls guys for ur lovely pairs just fr dem du watch…

  2. Crystal089

    yes because of such war only today trp have fallen but still we have time if some how we can get trp back we fans can demand that show must be given extension or change in time solt guess its not time fot fight for some time forget whose is ur favorite pair just watach swaragini because first we are sr fans i am watching the show so plsz everyone wtach if we all together we can do something instead of sr tapki should go off air still a better story play can given to sr guess plsz watch sr and with the end of thid weak we must trp back
    plszzz watch sr plsz………….

    1. Crystal089

      and do comment on facebook and twitter handle of raj nayak colours ceo and rashmi sharms requesting them to not end sr give some extension or change time slot plsz its time to show our fan power plsz watch sr

  3. hope with all my heart everyone gets ur pov
    plsssssssssssss swaragini fans stop ur fighting for just a few days

  4. Alisha

    Hey there people! Hope everyone is having a nice day. This is Alisha. I am also a a fan of the serial “Swaragini” like everyone else, plus a fanfic writer. Well, the recent off air news was really very shocking for me as I am not able to watch Swaragini here now a days but I try my best to at least read the update or atleast watch it some where else.
    Well, lately the Raglak and Swasan fans had been fighting on the point that their repetitive couples do not get the required screen space.. Hmm.. Fine, I get that! But if your couple isn’t getting the screen space or the importance then does that mean that you guys should stop watching the serial and start telling people how your couple didn’t get the importance..the proper track they should have got so you have decided not to watch the serial. Fine.. That’s fine too but atleast stop bashing the actors or the characters. I saw many people bashing Teju di and Helly di that the show is closing down because of them.. Or some people even said that now Swara’s character is being side lined or something?
    I mean every single Swaragini fan out there has some what problem. First of all na.. We should eliminate this partiality yaar? Kiya Raglak? Kiya Swasan? Isn’t it meant to be Swaragini? Acha.. If you like a couple more than the other than stop bashing the other na? We are back to the old thing now. No matter if one is playing a negative or a positive charcter the person would be bashed no matter what..
    Sab se pehle to it’s hard to manage when there are 2 or more couples in the serial and the writers want none of them to be the parallel lead.. Hai na? Itna to sab ko manana ho ga? So there comes a time when the writers have to give importance to one couple maybe the next time they would give the same amount of importance or even more than that to the other couple. It’s really hard to proved the audience with a proper track in case no one objects cuz it’s human being’s nature that no matter what we are provided it we would demand for more, none of us can never be satisfied but at least aisa to naheen kerna chahiye ke serial hi naheen dekhna hum ne..bhaad mein jain writers ager humare couple ko screen space naheen de sakte? Like seriously? Mujhai pata hai Raglak fans ka Patience kitna test kiya gaya. We had to wait like ages for a proper track and itna intazaar kerne ke baad ek proper track mila to mila plus sab satisfied bhi the.. Then all of a sudden this off air news came in between.. Matlab sub kuch kitna jumbled up hai aur itni confusion hai jis ki koi had naheen!
    Anyways.. Mein to yahi kahon gi ke we are Swaragini’s fan before being Raglakian or Swasanian as Crystal said.. ?
    Hope you guys get the point! Have a fabulous day everyone. Stay blessed! ?

    1. Adishu

      yes I completely agree with you but what should we do now????

    2. Aasthu

      Hey Alishaaa……..yes its difficult but possible………….my all time fav show is “Manmarziyan”….in that there are 2 lead couples ardhika and nesam and both were given equal imp……and the friendship of Radhika and Samaira was also shown………………..had the cv’s been more careful this would not have happened…………………

  5. TBH I wouldn’t watch a show if
    My favorite couple in that show is not getting enough attention and scenes.

  6. Adishu

    I can’t believe that my SR is going off air.. I’m getting cry but my family are so stubborn that they are not letting me watch SR. I don’t want to lose them.. I don’t…. I can’t not at any cost…. I don’t…. I just can’t believe this… how can they do this… why they always take their fans for granted… why don’t they give a damn importance to their fans….. WHY??????? KYU??????
    now guys be happy go and celebrate your swaragini is going off air… you will never get a chance to see them back together… go n celebrate…..

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