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A row of villa’s are shown.. One house is zoomed in.. Inside the house.. two teenagers are shown playing vedio games.. A women in her Yellow saree comes there and stands infront of the screen

girl : Mom.. please.. move otherwise.. i will fail

Boy : Ofcourse.. you will

Women : Alia, Manik.. I am seriouse..

Alia : Comeon shagun mumma.. today is our last day of freedom..

Manik ; Yeah.  mom from tomarrow.. oir studies will start..

A man in his three piece suit walks in..

Man : I hope manik atleast this time you will be  a little serious about your studies..

Shagun : Mani.. please..

Mani : I want you to passout with a proper mark so that …. you can handle the family business

Manik : Yeah… Dad.. i will try..

Mani : You better.. (he looks at alia) Bye princess..

Mani was about to go… when manik eyes alia.

Alia : Dad.. Abhay and Naira are comming today itself .. and you have also not given our pocketmoney..

He takes his wallet and gives his credit card..

Mani : Enjoy..

Mani leaves…

Shagun : Party . Don’t tell me.. you will wear this dress..

Aliya : Yep …mom..

Shagun : But.. its too small

Manik : Chill mom.. she is also small..

A Car is shown arriving into the hostel of Monarch international College (MIC)

A boy and a girl gets off from the car..

Abhay : Driver.. you  put all our lauggages to our respective room…

Naira : And … we bhai..

Abhay : Fun time.. Sissy..

Naira : You have planned everything right.. Is aliya di and manik bhai .. also comming..

Abhay : Yep.. aur Roohi bhi hai..

They passes another car.. A girl comes out of the car..

That girl and Abhay has a eyelock  . But Naira pulls him with her.. She also walks away

Another girl comes out of the car..

Girl: Meher Di..  wait for me

Meher  : Comefast .. mahira..

They goes to the warden..

warden : Hi.. Ms. Kapoor

Meher : Hellooo..Ma’am..

Warden : Mahira will stay in the hostel of school …  and she will have  a room mate also..her name is…… Naira.. she is a old student and she will help you in making friends

Mahira : I don’t need anyones help..

Warden : Being independent is good Mahira.. And meher.. You and Ms. Murthy are roommates.. She is outside .. and she has the key..

Mahira : But there is always 2 keys for a room

Warden : Yeah.. but our workersaccidently.. lost one. Don’t worry.. you will a new one soon

Mahira and Meher walks outsode only to find a girl who was eating some candy

Mahira : Ms. murthy??

Girl : Nandini murthy.. and i think you must be Meher..

Meher nods..

Nandini : Nice to meet you yaar.. actually i don’t know many people here.. and i think we will make  a good company..

Meher : Room key???

Nandini : Huh… yep here you go

She gives her the room key and meher leaves..

Nadini : Is that you sister..

Mahira : umm

Nandini : Little werid..


Shagun : So.. Abhay how was your vacation..??

Abhay : better.. actually i worked at my company.. to get some experience..

Alia : See Manik.. i think you should take lessons from him..

Manik : He is intrested in business.. but in my case . i am not intrested by still i am doing it because.. dad wants it..

Shagun : Its okay manik… everything will be fine. .

Alia : We are going to ishita aunty’s house..


A big potrail of ishita and roohi is shown

Ishita is shown serving Coffee to all..

Alia : Ishita aunty.. where is roohi..

Ishita : She is getting ready.. just tell me one thing who planned this and when

Abhay : The planned happenend the previous year..

Naira : And me and roohi planned it..

Ishita : But roohi told that you all planned it..

Just then roohi comes..

Roohi : Ishimaa.. i meant that we all planned it..

Just then shagun enters..

Shagun : Beware of them ishita… They are all grownup and also has learned to lie..

Ishita : So true..

Abhay : Now that old friends have gathered we should leave..

Shagun : Ishita.. i want a clear update about what they are doing in college.. These 3 were so naughty in school days.. that’s why..

Ishita : Don’t worry about that shagun.. i will give them a military treatment..

Manik : No.. aunty..


Nandini : Yaar meher.. i am talking so much about me.. Can’t you just even say a word.. Are you always like this.. like not speaking to anyone.. how will you make friends without talking to anyone.. I swear i can’t stay quite for this much time…

Meher : Could you help me. in arraging your things properly..

Nandini : What !!  my thing..

She looks at her things which was messed up here and there..

Nandini : Sure… I get that you are a disiplined one..



English musics are shown playing .. Manik Roohi & Naira are shown dancing..  a girl with knee length dress.. gets between them.. she tries to get cozzy with.. Manik but manik shows no intrest..

Alia is shown drinking shots.. it was a competion amd Abhay was encouraging her..


A car arrives at the hostel and a man comes out of it.. He walks inside the hostel  Warden comes and gives his keys..

He gets into his room and finds some luggages which are kept aside.. He turns on the light..( and his face is reveled)

He looks at the wall .. where a name is written..Ado reads it

Adi : Ab..abhay..

He arranges his things and gets ready to sleep..


All finishes there party and goes ..

Alia was totally out of sense.. Manik and Abhay was able to take her inside without letting others know..

Roohi goes to her room.. Abhay drops naira to her hostel..

Abhay goes to his.. Abhay opens the door. Adi who was sleeping peacefully gets disturbed by his enyry..

Abhay : Who are you???

Adi : Adi.. your room mate..

Abhay : Did you got disturbed with my ..

Adi : No.. nothing like that..

Abhay : okay.. so goodnight

He lays down so.. does Adi

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  1. Jasminerahul

    manik aliya mani shagun scene was realistic.shagun ishita scene was nice.oh alia drunk n manik abhay with her.wonder what will be the consequences. nice intro of adi.waiting for adilya scenes.nice pics

  2. Riana

    First episode was amazing and realistic…Meher and Mahira are always silent just bcoz of their mumma…but anywayz everyone are cheering…Loved manik, aalia, abhay, roohi etc ?????…Keep writing

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