Happy Birthday to My Cutie Pie. A Riansh Os by Tanya K

Hi guys, this OS is specially for someone very special to me. And you all know her very well our ATTRACTIVEUSER aka GAURI DI. Hope GAURI di you will like it. So.

OS Starts With:

Riddhima is seen sleeping peacefully cuddling her hubby Vansh. She waked up because of the beeping sound of her alarm clock. She waked up with an irritated face and rubbed her eyes. Riddhima looked at the calendar which was hanging on the nearby wall. Her face lit up seeing today’s date i.e 12 July, 2021. She jumped from her bed and danced happily as today is her cutie pie’s birthday.

She was so excited that she didn’t noticed that Vansh was admiring her with smile while she was dancing like a monkey. He went towards her and holded her hand. She was shocked to see him and her cheeks became red in embarrassment as she realized that she was dancing like a monkey.

VANSH: What made my sweetheart so happy today.

RIDDHIMA: Its her birthday!!

She said excitedly while Vansh looked at her confused and asked.

VANSH: Who!!

Riddhima was about to tell him when she got a call from her bestie Sejal. She took her phone & excused herself from there and went from there to the balcony.

Riddhima immediately picked her phone and putted it on her ear.


She almost shouted in excitement while Riddhima made the phone away from her ear and chuckled at her excitement.

RIDDHIMA: Slow Seju, do you want me to become deaf by your shouting.

Riddhima said and Sejal bites her tongue and hit her forehead.

SEJAL: Sorry yaar Riddhu you know naa whenever her birthday come I always become over excited.

RIDDHIMA: haan!!! I know. I have a plan why not to surprise her. You call her and tell her that there is a small get together in VR MANSION. Till then I will make cake for her. Done?

SEJAL: Nice idea. Ok I tell and be ready with the decorations.

RIDDHIMA: Yaa ok!! And I will make her favourite cake and do the decorations till then. Done?

SEJAL: Done!!!

Saying so they both declined the call. Riddhima turned around and saw Vansh was standing there with questioning look. Riddhima smiled at him and was about to the kitchen. But Vansh pulled her through her arm and she hit with his well built chest.

VANSH: Will you do the honour whose birthday is today??

Riddhima: Vansh today is my cutie pie’s!! My GAURI di’s birthday.


RIDDHIMA: She is not less then sister to me. We met on internet. She’s my internet wali friend. And she is really special to me.

She said and smiled while Vansh was happy to see her happy. Riddhima freed herself from his arms and went to washroom to get fresh n up.

After sometime she went to the kitchen and started making her cutie pie’s favourite chocolate cake. ( I don’t know what is  GAURI di’s favorite cake soo….😝🙈 )

Vansh helped Riddhima in the decoration. Vansh told her that he is busy with meetings so he will not be able to join them. Riddhima simply nodded.

After sometime she was all ready with the cake. She went to her room and took a dress from her wardrobe and went to the washroom to get ready.

She came outside from washroom wearing a white dress. Her hair was perfectly curled, black eyeshadow, lips adorned with light colored lipstick, a bracelet in her hand gifted by Vansh.

Riddhima heard doorbell. She smiled widely and almost ran towards the gate to open it. She opened it and hugged Sejal. She took her to the hall made her sit on the sofa. Everyone came there for Gauri’s birthday.

Like: Mennu di, Radhika di, Aarushi, Aayu di, Pragya, Niyati di, Parita di, Anjali di, Priyanshi di, Ayesha, Aisha di, Tanya ( how can I forget my self🤣🤣 ) and many more ( sorry merko aur yaad nhi aye ).

And everyone was waiting for the birthday girl to come.

After sometime they again heard a doorbell. Riddhima & Sejal switched off the light and hides behind the sofa.

Gauri find the gate opened. She opened it and was shocked to see all dark. She somehow managed to on the lights. And suddenly flowers started falling upon her. Everyone jumped from the sofa and shouted.


Riddhima came from behind and putted a crown on her head and slide a cloth through her shoulder till the waist.

Riddhima hugged her.

RIDDHIMA: Happy birthday to my cutie pie.

GAURI: Thank you Riddhu. Its the best birthday for me.

Everyone wished her one by one.

Riddhima went to the kitchen and came back with cake that she had made.

And presented in front of Gauri. Gauri took the knife and cut the cake. And fed Riddhima and then everyone.

After cutting the cake. Everyone gave Gauri her gift that they brought for her.

Riddhima gifted her a beautiful pendant necklace.

TANYA: Let’s dance.

AAYU: Yes it’s Gauri’s birthday.

RADHIKA: Dance to banta hai.

Saying this they all dragged Gauri to the dance floor amd danced with her.

Party toh kabhi se suri hui hai
Par bhai…!
Meri to entry nahi hui hai

Main, tu, mere yaar, tere friends
Teri girlfriend, teri ex
Teri girlfriend ka ex
Kyu ho gaye saare junglee
Kyu ho gaye saare junglee
Kyu ho gaye ho gaye, ho gaye, ho gaye
Ho gaye saarey junglee katthey

Aww.. tera happy birthday
Aww.. tera happy birthday
Aww.. tera happy birthday
Naach pajama pakadkey patthey
Aww.. tera happy birthday
Aww.. tera happy birthday
O aaj toh party jabtak fatte
Naach pajama pakadkey patthe

Ek hor saal puraani ho gayi
Teri alhad jawaani (alhad jawaani)
Khudiya thi pehle ji ab ho gayi
Teri auntiyan deewani
(Teri auntiyan deewani)

Ek hor saal puraani ho gayi
Teri alhad jawaani (alhad jawaani)
Khudiya thi pehle ji ab ho gayi
Teri auntiyan deewani

Aww.. tera happy birthday
Aww.. tera happy birthday
Aww.. tera happy birthday
Naach pajama pakad ke patthe
Aww.. tera happy birthday
Aww.. tera happy birthday
Oye aaj toh party jab tak fatte
Naach pajama pakadke patthe

Birthday hai bhai birthday hai
Aaj terey bhai ka birthday hai
Oo candles bujh gayi
Ab sab mein cake batte hai
Chicks saari hot yahaan pe
Can saarey thandey hain
Test khel liya pure saal
Aaj toh mera One-Day hai

Saare bolo, happy birthday!
Zor se bolo, happy birthday!
Aawaaj ni aayi, happy birthday
Thoda loud holo happy birthday!
Saare bolo, happy birthday!
O phir se bolo, happy birthday!
O happy birthday
Oye happy birthday

Aww.. kaai zaala
Aww.. tuza naam kaa he
Aww.. aaun chhu
Aww.. aww!

Tu chale mein chalun
Tu rukke mein rukun
Apne toh daily hain naye naye hungaame
Tu girre mein thaame
Mein girru tu thaame
Apne toh daily hain naye naye hungaame

Jo teri deal hai
Wo meri deal hai
With you o buddy mujhey aati yehi feel hai

Main, tu, mere sir, guru
Teri girlfriend, teri ex
Teri girlfriend ka ex
Hai ek thaali ke saare
Hain ek thaali ke saare
Hain ek thaali, ek thaali ke
Ek thaali ke chatte-batte

Aww.. tera happy b’day
Aww.. tera happy b’day
Aww.. tera happy b’day
Naach pajama pakad ke patthe
Aww.. tera happy b’day
Aww.. tera happy b’day
Aaj lagenge tujhpe satte
Naach pajama pakad ke patthe

One more saal puraani ho gayi
Teri allhadh jawaani
O just one more saal..
Khudiya thi pahele ji
Ab ho gayin teri auntiyan deewani
(auntiyan deewani)

Aww.. tera happy birthday
Aww.. tera happy birthday
Aww.. tera happy birthday
Naach pajama pakad ke patthe
Aww.. tera happy birthday
Aww.. tera happy birthday
Oye aaj toh party jab tak fattey
Naach pajama pakad ke patthe

chala.. chala…

Gauri becomes a bit EMOTIONAL. Everyone looked at her while Riddhima cleaned her tears.

GAURI: Its my best birthday ever.

Again tear made way to her cheeks from her eyes. Tanya signalled something to everyone and they nodded and started tickling her.

And she started laughing while they were tickling her after sometime they stopped and fell on the sofa laughing loudly.

GAURI: Thank you so much for this beautiful surprise.

EVERYONE: You’re welcome

They smiled at her and enjoyed the party.

Screen Freezes.

Happiest Birthday GAURI di. May god bless you with health, wealth, success and lots of happiness. May you ACHIEVE more and more in you life.❤❤🥳🥳

This OS was the small gift from my side for you hope liked it.🙈❤

Lots of love Gauri di❤.

Maine to virtually party dedi aab aapki bari deni ki hume😅😅



  1. Aisha08

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    Happiest Birthday dear Gauri once again, ❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍😍😍bas I need pawri now that’s it!! 😂😂😂Mai pawri ki bhookhi hu!!!
    This is love Tanyu!! We are so lucky to have you in our life

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    And ya my favourite cake is chocolate only💕😂.
    Thankyou for this amazing gift..I just loved it to core 🥺❤️❤️..

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    Amazing birthday party 🥳
    Loved it Tanya…
    Kaash we could meet like this 🥺🥺

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