happy birthday Kunal — SHRENAL OS

Birthday OS — this is a little late:

Both Shrenal were sleeping with Shrenu’s head on his chest and Kunal’s hands around her waist.

Just then…

Voice: daddy, mummy, wake up!

Shrenal woke up only to find their alarm clock working i.e their daughter Shrena.

Kunal: good morning princess,

Shrena: good morning.

Kunal: and….

Shrena: and what?

Kunal: today you have forgotten?

Shrena: what? Oh yes!

Kunal’s eyes lit up.

Shrena: today me and mummy will go shopping.

Kunal: are you kidding me?

Shrenu: Kunal, she is not lying. Today mummy and Shrena will shop.

Kunal: do you know what today is Shrenu?

Shrenu: yes Shrena and mummy day.

Kunal: you too Shrenu.

Shrenu: ‘you too Shrenu’ what?

Kunal: you too have forgotten?

Shrenu: forgotten what?

Kunal: leave it. It’s fine. Anyway do you feel better Shrenu? What did the doctor say?

Shrenu: yes I do and doctor said that I am just stressing time to time (in mind) tonight you will know.

Kunal: this is why I tell you not to stress all day long.

Shrenu: anyway look at the time, shouldn’t you be getting ready?

Kunal nods.

He goes off the bed to change in the washroom. Shrena cuddles up with Shrenu and says: accha meri chocki and I will keep up act for all day.

Shrenu: here but not now. If you have chocki in the morning, then teeth go black. Ok?

Shrena: okie.

Half an hour later:

The three went downstairs only to find Sunil and Kunal’s brothers, Sanjay and Satya eating.

Satya: now look, they have finally came.

Kunal rolls his eyes and all sit down at the table as Sanjay gave Kunal burnt roti.

Kunal: Sanjay, this is burnt.

Sanjay: sory.

Kunal didn’t expect his brother to cook today, he thought his dad was going to cook on this occasion.

Kunal: um dad, aren’t you going to cook today?

Sunil: what do you mean? I only do it on birthdays and Diwali.

Kunal was shocked but still asked: anyway what are we doing tonight?

Shrenu: watching a movie.

Shrena: oh oh I see?

Sunil: Shrena beta, the movie is not for little princesses like you.

Kunal: I thought we were inviting friends over.

Sanjay: give us one good reason why we would invite friends.

Kunal: because today is a special day.

Shrena: what ecial day?

Shrenu: Shrena, it’s special. And Kunal, today is not special. It is just a normal day.

Satya: exactly! We are just going to see a movie because we feel like it.

Kunal’s jaw dropped. He had not expected this from his family. Shrenu put a piece of burnt roti in his mouth and made it closed. Kunal unwillingly swallowed it.

Kunal in mind: maybe they are all tired. That’s why they forget. (talking) accha I got to go to work. Bye.

Shrenu: bye Kunal.

As Kunal was about to open the door, Shrena came running and hugged her dad tight.

Shrena: bye daddy.

Kunal: bye princess.

He breaks the hug and then goes.

As he was driving, he was muttering a few stuff to himself.

Kunal: what the hell were they doing today? They were all treating today as any other day! Kamal hai!

He soon reached the sets of Ishqbaaz.

As he went out of his car and into the shoot scene, everyone waved at him.

Leenesh: finally he is here!

He hugged Kunal tight and Kunal was happy.

Kunal: finally someone remembers this day!

Leenesh: what do you mean? I only hugged you because you are my best friend and where is Shrenu bhabhi?

Kunal: busy shopping with Shrena. And besides today she isn’t shooting any episode because of that album.

Leenesh: oh yeah.

Kunal: anyway you have really forgotten what today is?

Leenesh: today is no special day.

Kunal was shocked. Even his friend had forgotten. Well friends, no one even wished him on the sets and when he asked if they’ve forgotten, all said that today was nothing special.


Shopping mall:

Shrena and Shrenu were buying some stuff for Kunal’s birthday but Shrena wasn’t really any help.

Shrenu: Shrena, why does these balloons say ‘40’?

Shrena: meaning?

Shrenu: your papa is not 40. Just because he is grumpy and annoying, time to time, doesn’t make him 40.

Shrena: oh! He 30?

Shrenu smacks her forehead and says: ek kam karo, you sit on that chair and don’t annoy me.

Shrena: I want to help. If I no help, I will ruin surprise.

It was Shrenu’s turn to drop her jaw. Really papa’s ladli was in her full tadi mode today.

Shrenu: fine you can help, just stop thinking your dad is old. Now get a ‘2’ and ‘4’.

Shrena: oh! He 42?

Shrenu: can I ask a question baby?

Shrena: yeah!

Shrenu: why do you think your papa is old?

Shrena: he time to time grumpy. Numbers confusing.

Shrenu: This is why you don’t do drama when mummy makes you study.

She pinches her nose and then they buy the balloons and go mainly because Shrenu couldn’t handle Shrena and her weird thoughts for another second.

On the other hand:

The shooting was over and now Nakunlee were just talking on some stuff whilst Kunal was deep in his thoughts: so first my own family forgot and now my friends and even the team. I think I need to get myself a new family and then get some new friends.

Nakuul: what happened Kunal?

Kunal snapped out of his thoughts and said: nothing but are you sure that you don’t know what today is?

Nakuul: today is a normal day. Anyway I hope you are not troubling my sister.

Kunal under his breath: more like she is troubling me (talking) yes I am not troubling her.

Leenesh: you sure about that?

Kunal: yes I am sure.

Nakuul: good!


Shrenu and Shrena reached home to find Sunil and Sanjay blowing up balloons for the party.

Shrena: dadu! Sanju chachu!

Sunil-Sanjay: hey!

Shrenu: papaji, Sanjay, this child is getting on my nerves. Is it alright if you manage her whilst I help Satya?

Sunil: ok Shrenu bahu and Shrena, what new prank are you up to?

Shrena: nothing.

She battered her long eyelashes making it clear to her dadu and chachu that she was innocent and her mum was lying.

Shrenu in her mind: hey bhagwan! This girl!

Shrenu goes to the kitchen only to find it in a mess.

Shrenu: SATYA!

Satya comes and says: yes bhabhi?

Shrenu: what happened here?

Satya: oh! Well I was trying to make a cake but it went a little wrong.

Shrenu: I can tell. Ek kam karo, you clean this place up and I will make another cake.

Satya: but we ran out of ingredients.

Shrenu: Kunal is right. You and Sanjay are really duffers.

Satya: at least Shrena doesn’t think that and bhabhi, don’t stress. It’s not good for you.

Shrenu rolls her eyes and says: thank you for reminding me. I will quickly go and you focus on cleaning this place up. I will get Sanjay to help.

Satya: sure bhabhi.

Shrenu goes out of the kitchen and goes to Sanjay: I need to go somewhere so please may you help Satya clean the kitchen?

Sanjay: sure bhabhi.

Shrenu: thanks.

She picks up her car keys but before she went, her phone rang, she quickly picked it up.

Shrenu: hello.

Kunal: hello Shrenu, I am coming home soon so do you want to spend some time together?

Shrenu: Kunal, I would really love to but…but today Pratap, Susheel and Durga wanted to hang out with you. So hang out with them. I am busy with Shrena.

Kunal: but..

Shrenu: please Kunal.

Kunal: fine.

Shrenu: thank you.

She cuts the phone and says: I will quickly call Durga.

She calls Durga.

Durga: yes di?

Shrenu: Durga, please may you, Susheel and Pratap take Kunal somewhere? At home, we are planning a surprise and I have somehow convinced him to hang out with you guys. Please?

Durga: di, of course we will. You don’t have to ask.

Shrenu: thank you.

Durga: no problem.

Shrenu cuts the phone and then was about to go when…

Shrena: I come too.

Shrenu in mind: hey bhagwan! (talking) but then who will help dadu with your chachus?

Shrena: good point. Okie I stay here.

Shrenu: good girl.

Finally Shrenu could go.

That night:

Kunal came back home really disappointed with how today went. He went inside only to find all the lights off.

Due to the fact he was really annoyed, Kunal was in no mood to turn the lights off and instead sulk in the depths of the dark whilst eating some ice cream alone in sadness because of his family and friends.

A bite of ice cream helps doesn’t it?

Voice: Kunal?

Kunal saw Shrenu in front of him.

Kunal: Shrenu, can I say something?

Shrenu: go ahead.

Kunal: you know Shrenu, today I am really annoyed and I am also annoyed at you!

Shrenu: why?

Kunal: Shrenu, we have been married for four years and you forgotten what today was! And not only you, but the family I grew up with also forgot.

Shrenu: Kuna…

Kunal interrupting: Shrenu, let me speak. Not even my friends remembered. Today was my birthday and so far it has been the worst! You forgot, those duffers forgot, dad forgot, my own daughter even forgot that today was her dad’s special day, my sisters in law and my friends…

Before he could say anything else, Shrenu kept her hand to her heart and started to breathe really quickly as if she was about to have a heart attack. She fainted in his arms.

Kunal: Shrenu? Shrenu, wake up. I am sorry for what I said. I was just annoyed. Shrenu, don’t scare me.

Shrenu sur..

The lights opened and everyone said: –prise!

Kunal saw Shrenu’s eyes wide open and she was laughing. He saw his family and friends along with balloons.

Shrenu: what did you think? That we really forgot?

Kunal helps her up and says: yes.

Shrenu: you do realise that all of us are amazing at acting hence fooling you is pretty much a piece of cake.

Kunal: I can’t believe I feel for this prank.

Shrenu: so then why are Satya and Sanjay duffers when you are one yourself?

Kunal: don’t even go there.

Shrenu laughs. Shrena goes to her dad and hugs him tight.

Kunal: oh so we have a new actress.

Shrena: yes. Happy birthday daddy.

Kunal: thank you princess.

He kisses her forehead and then everyone else started to wish him happy birthday and gave him a few gifts.

Then Satya brought the cake and kept it in the middle. He then handed Kunal a knife. Shrenu, Sunil and Shrena also held on it and cut the cake. Kunal first fed Shrena, then Sunil, the duffers and then Shrenu.

Kunal: Shrenu, did you get me any gifts?

Shrenu: isn’t this party enough?

Kunal: hey I was just asking.

Shrenu: there is a gift for you but you won’t get it today.

Kunal: matlab?

Shrenu smacks her forehead and keeps his hand near her stomach. Then Kunal finally got his brain back.

Kunal whispering: you’re pregnant?

Shrenu: yes and please don’t be overprotective.

Kunal: don’t ever think I will be nice to you in these next nine months. This will be your punishment for today.

Shrenu: but that was only a day.

Kunal: still.

Shrenu pouted making Kunal laugh. Shrena came to them and said: daddy, you like party?

Kunal: very.

His eyes found the ‘4’ balloon and ‘2’ balloon, he was shocked and started to laugh.

Shrenu: what happened?

Kunal: since when did I become 42?

Shrena: today.

Shrenu: Shrena, really?

Kunal: oh so you decided that daddy was forty two?

Shrena: yes so?

Kunal laughing: your daddy isn’t old.

Shrena simply sticks her tongue out. The scene ends with Shrena in Kunal’s arms and then Shrenu hugging his right arm.

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