Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 9th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Happu and kids realize that they were acting

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 9th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Kamlesh coming to Kat’s room. Kat asks what are you doing here late night? Kamlesh says he is gunda/goon now and roaming. He calls her Chikni Chameli. Kat says she is Sati Savitri. Kamlesh says she is Chikni Chameli and he will not go until she gives him kiss. Malaika comes there and politely asks him to go home, as it is not right to tease a girl. Kamlesh refuses and tells that he is Rambo. Malaika folds her hands and requests him to go home. Kamlesh asks her to count till then? Malaika thinks if I lose my calm then…and counts the countdown. Kamlesh tells that he is Rambo Bhai. Kat asks her to be fast. Kamlesh says she is slow.

Next day, Happu gives tea and biscuit to the criminal and asks him to tell with whom Commissioner’s life is in danger. Resham Pal comes there and makes thief stand, asks Happu if he is bhisham pitama. Happu asks him to calm down and learn to control anger. Resham Pal asks him to make the criminal speak the truth. He asks him to use all degrees to make the thief speak the truth. Happu agrees.

Hritik gets angry on his classmate Sanjana. Chamchi comes there and says you are breaking the oath. Hritik scolds Chamchi and Ranbir and tell that Sanjana asked me to scold you all so that you talk badly with me. She said that you all are acting to be good. He says Sanjana is not talking to him and cries saying Sanjana. Ranbir says if others are acting too. He says we have really bad manners. Hritik cries taking Sanjana’s name. Ranbir says we have to break manners’ mirror with our misbehavior stone.

Kat brings Malaika with her to the college library as she don’t want Kamlesh to repeat the same thing. Kamlesh comes there and asks what are you doing here, calls her piddi. Malaika says if I had not taken oath then I would have shown him. Kat gets angry. Happu says you are my heart queen and calls her Kathori. Kat says she is Kat. Malaika says don’t you think that you are insulting her. Kamlesh laughs.

Amma thinks Rajjo didn’t add lemon in the tea and asks if there is no lemon. Rajjo says it is finished, your son will bring it. Amma asks what are you making in dinner? Rajjo says Ghuya’s kofte and paratha. Amma says she likes it. Chamchi asks her to add less spice and calls her name. Rajjo asks what are you saying? Amma scolds her. Hritik replies to her and calls her Kathori. Amma and Rajjo are shocked.

Happu comes home and tells that he brought all vegetables, but couldn’t get lemon. Ranbir says if you take the bribe then you will not get vegetables also. Rajjo says kids are changed. Chamchi asks Rajjo to make food on time. Rajjo asks Chamchi how is she saying? Hritik tells that he wants to Hapua and asks him to get property papers ready.

Happu asks how are they speaking to him? Amma, Rajjo and Happu angry. The kids tell that they acted to bring out the truth. They all say sorry. Rajjo says you all have hurt me a lot. Masterji says when you feel bad, then understand. He says you people were acting, but to give respect to someone, one needs to keep their anger calm and have to become mannered people from heart. Happu says I understood. Kamlesh comes to Kat’s room. Malaika beats him within manners. Kamlesh tells that he is not goon anymore as his business partner returned and apologized to my Papa for being good. He says I have become good like my Papa. Malaika says sorry. Kamlesh says I was telling and you didn’t listen. Kat says sorry on her behalf.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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