Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 31st July 2019 Written Episode Update: Amma and Rajjo to go to London

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 31st July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Malaika asking Hritik and Ranbir to keep the TV volume down. Happu comes and sits on the dining table. He says only Malaika is making good use of money. He asks what is in it? Ranbir says we are waiting. Hritik says Dadi is watching the aeroplane standing on the terrace. Happu asks her to come down else she will get dark and Bau ji will not come to meet you. Amma comes down. Happu says someone is going with you. Amma says nobody’s destiny is as good as me here. Rajjo says if your destiny is good then my destiny is good too. She says I am going with you. Amma says you are competing with me. Rajjo asks her to cancel her plan to end the competition. Amma says I will go to London even if brahma asks him not to go. Malaika asks if there is any wrong with our Country that you can’t bear to stay here. Amma says we can learn so much from queen. Kat gets afraid from Malaika and takes Amma from there.

Happu comes to Beni and tells that Rajjo is also going with Amma. He asks him to call their friends. Beni says some friends will come sure. Happu asks him to fix the meeting. Beni asks him to call Vimlesh. Happu asks what Vimlesh will do with the guys. Beni says I feel that a guy is in her. happu looks on shocked.

Amma practices to speak in London. Rajjo asks with whom you are speaking to? Amma says she is practicing to learn English. Rajjo says this is not English. Kamlesh and Kat come there. Rajjo says they are going to London. Dadi asks them to teach English. Rajjo asks him to teach English. Amma asks about his salary. He says he will not take money. Amma insists. Kat asks him to say. He says I will 1000 Rs. each from you both and says I have a condition. Malaika imagines Amma, Kat, and Rajjo pleading infront of him, saying that they don’t have money to give lagaan. She beats him badly. Amma asks what are you doing? Kat asks Kamlesh to go. Kamlesh says I will come back and teach you. Rajjo hugs Malaika and asks her not to do this again.

Mausi comes to meet Amma and asks if your bahu is also going with you. Amma says she is going because of me. Mausi says your samdhan is very sharp. Rajjo comes there. Mausi asks if avdesh is also going? Rajjo says she has pain in her feet. Amma says she was seen in the market. Tailor comes there. Amma asks Rajjo to bring him. She tells mausi that she is making down for herself. Tailor asks if the number 77 is yours and tells that you made my life miserable. Amma asks don’t you value time. Mausi says Kathori is going to London and asks him to value time. She gives him old gown for measurement. Rajjo takes her to give the measurement.

Happu eats the pan and says it is not good. Manohar comes there and gives tickets. He thinks 20000 Rs. ticket and thinks my wallet will be empty. Amma calls him. Happu picks her call. Amma tells him that the cooker company asked for 20000 as GST of ticket. Happu says GST is not that high. He says Rajesh’s full ticket is covered in 20000. Amma tells that her stay and wine is covered. He says they are making you mad. Amma scolds him and asks him to tell if he will give money or if she shall ask her brother. Happu says I will give. He thinks his salary is 40000, what will be left with him. Happu asks beni about the meeting. Beni says we have 150 friends. Happu says only 40 people will come.

Precap: Rajjo wears dress and dances with Happu. Amma also wears gown and thinks nobody will identify her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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