Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 31st August 2020 Written Episode Update: Happu takes Beni’s advice to tackle Mangal Pandey

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 31st August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Rajjo talking on phone and tells that the kids will forget their bad habits and tells that the kids’ father pee in his pant till he was 12 years. Happu hears her and asks why you was telling your friend about me. He asks shall I tell about you. Rajjo says you was kid then. Happu gets upset. Amma comes there and asks what is happening. Rajjo tells her everything. Happu tells that his respect is gone. Amma tells that she had told her friends about his bad habit in childhood. Happu calls them Vibhishan 1 and 2. Hritik comes and asks did I hear rightly? He asks him to fulfill his need else he will tell everyone about his childhood habit. Happu says women shall not know this. He asks who told Rajjo? Amma tells that she used to wash his pant. Rajjo says you was just a child then. Happu goes to PS and asks Makwana if he feels what he would have been….Makwana tells that if he was a commissioner then he would have made him run behind the jeep. Happu asks him to forget that. He gets a message and gets shocked reading it. He tells Makwana that he is not safe in this city. Makwana asks if Municipal vehicle is coming to pick you. Happu says it is too much, and gets angry. Makwana asks what happened? Happu tells that he had caught Mangal Pandey dacoit and got him jailed, but now he is freed from jail and wants to take revenge. Makwana asks how? Happu tells that Mangal pandey had whispered in my ears that he will take revenge from me. Makwana says he is a dangerous dacoit, he makes the bowl out the knee caps of enemies and drinks tea in it. Makwana tells that it will be bad if you get beaten and department name will be ruined. He asks shall I bring tea in bowls. Happu asks him to go and deletes the message.

Beni receives a gift and opens it. He thinks it is sent by Vimlesh for him. Happu comes there. Beni tells that Vimlesh sent him Sherlock holmes book. Happu says today is not your birthday. Beni says you didn’t know about romance. Happu asks him not to talk about romance and tells that he had 9 kids, a complete university and till now his school haven’t started. He tells him that Mangal pandey is freed from jail. Beni tells about dacoit Mangal Pandey’s crimes. Happu says I know it already and tells that he has threatened him. Beni asks why did you catch him? Happu tells that he was standing behind while Mangal was caught. Beni asks him to get his plastic surgery done. Happu asks him to give some good idea to fool him. Beni asks him to go from here for some days. Happu says how shall I handle the family members? He says Rajjo and Amma are loud speakers and they can’t digest anything. He asks him to think of an idea. Beni checks in the book and says I had read in the value of fear. He says the protagonist had done….and says something. Happu gets happy and tells that Rajjo never gave me such knowledgeable books, and that’s why I don’t like her from the start. Beni says I like Vimlesh since the start.

Happu packs his bags and tells Rajjo that he has to go to Meerut to handle a case. He tells that he is going to handle a dangerous case and asks her not to tell anyone. He says if you spread this news then everything will be ruined. She says Amma. He asks her not to tell even Amma and tells that he will call her. Rajjo asks if you will not wear anything at night. Happu keeps his lungi in the bag. She goes to bring the towel. Happu calls Resham Pal and tells that he is going to handle an urgent case. Resham Pal says what is this case, which I don’t know? Happu asks do you know battu murderer. Resham Pal says no and then says yes. He appreciates Happu and asks him to catch the murderer. Happu ends the call and Commissioner is just impossible.

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

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