Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 30th September 2019 Written Episode Update: Malaika instigates Kat against Kamlesh

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Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 30th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Ranbir asking Rajjo to give tiffin. Rajjo asks him to have patience. Ranbir says master will beat me. Hritik says mummy is doing all the wrong things. Chamchi and Ranbir also say the same. Malaika says Mummy is missing my Bapu. Rajjo says house is looking empty and says beni didn’t come from station. Beni comes there and says he made Happu and Chachi sit in the train. Malaika says in my childhood, when I saw you in a black coat then I thought you are train’s TC and not a lawyer. Beni says reminiscing childhood memories. Rajjo says she will enjoy once Happu returns after dropping Amma. Chamchi calls Amma. Rajjo takes the call and says happy journey. Beni asks her to bring tea and breakfast. Rajjo goes to kitchen. Kat sits on the wall and takes her selfies. Kamlesh

comes and sits on the wall. He compliments her beauty. Kat thanks him and says you are wonderful. Kamlesh asks did you do the work? Kat says I was talking to you till 4 am. Kamlesh says even I was talking to you. Kat says what we will tell to our professors. She says she will make an excuse, but what you will do. Kamlesh tells that they shall go to watch film rather than going to college. They leave. Malaika hears them.

Rajjo talks to Avdesh and asks her to take care of her health. Just then the phone gets disconnected. Malaika comes to Rajjo and tells her that Kat went to watch film with Kamlesh. Rajjo says what to do, Rajjo is not studying since she befriended Kamlesh. Malaika says Kamlesh is babool in Kat’s life. Rajjo says I got a dream that Kat will become a doctor. Malaika says she will not become a nurse also. She says I have an idea and asks her to call Sudarshan asking him not to send Kamlesh here. Rajjo says then who will drop the kids. Malaika says you are very selfish. Rajjo says ok, I will talk to Sudarshan.

Sudarshan comes there and asks what happened? The kids ask if he taught English to Kamlesh. Sudarshan says yes. Malaika says son’s future is spoiled by his father. She asks Rajjo to talk about the matter. Rajjo asks him to handle his son and says he is spoiling my daughter. Malaika says he took my sister to watch film. Kamlesh and Kat come home after watching film. They tell that they dream about each other while watching film. Kamlesh asks who is sitting in juice job. Sudarshan says your mummy. Kamlesh says they attended the college and lectures. Malaika shows the video in which they are seen entering the film theatre. Kat says Kamlesh took me forcefully there. Kamlesh asks what are you saying? Sudarshan asks kamlesh not to waste his time on girls and gives his example. He takes Kamlesh with him. Rajjo scolds Kat and goes. Hritik asks about the film. Kat asks him to shut up. Malaika smiles.

Later Malaika tells Rajjo that she felt really bad that Sudarshan accused Kat infront of us. Rajjo says he called you faltu and Kamlesh was silent. Chamchi says kamlesh thinks Kat as fool. Hritik says Didi is already foolish. Malaika says I want to beat him infront of his father. Kat asks why didn’t you beat him then? Malaika and Rajjo get happy. Kat says she will break his heart. Ranbir signs a song. Kat goes. Malaika says the arrow hits the aim. Rajjo appreciates her. Later, Malaika comes to Kat and asks what she will do if Kamlesh comes here. Kat says she will pull out his kidneys and bursts it. Malaika asks what you will do in reality. Kat says she will make him remember his granny. Malaika asks her not to let Kamlesh come inside the house. She tells Kamlesh was spineless to hear against her.

Beni hears the ghazal while resting. Kamlesh comes to Happu’s house. Malaika asks Kat to see what to do, asks if respect is important to her or not. Kamlesh climbs up using the stairs, but Kat asks him to go and pushes the stairs. Kamlesh falls on Beni. Beni feels the pain on his legs and slaps Kamlesh. Rajjo waits for Happu. Chamchi asks her to call Happu as Chamchi’s father. Rajjo says she is missing Amma. Amma returns home surprising Rajjo.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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