Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 30th July 2021 Written Episode Update: The reason is revealed for the hairfall

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 30th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Amma and Rajjo hide their hair with the cloth. They hit Happu when he comes home. Chamchi, Ranbir and hritik also hide their respective heads. Happu asks why did you hit me and scolds them. Rajjo tells Happu that his hair fall problem is a contagious disease. Amma says your baldness can happen to us too and that’s why we will not let you come home. Happu asks if anyone of your hair is falling. Rajjo says no. Hritik says Papa is trying to enter home. They scratch their head and tell that they have this problem since Papa caught this disease. Rajjo says you can’t enter home now and asks him to leave. Happu says do you think that I will come on road and says I will go and stay in Beni’s house. Beni comes there covered with his head with steel protected and asks Happu not to come home. Kamlesh comes to meet Kat. Kat says she can’t have friendship with him. She gets scared seeing him coming hear. Malaika, Ranbir and others come there and threaten to beat him. Chamchi says we shall beat him before he infects us. They beat him.

Happu is sitting in the PS. Manohar asks if you are thrown out of your neighborhood. Happu says you said right, my family has kicked me out. Manohar says they have done right. Happu asks him to come near him and rubs his head with his. Manohar asks what are you doing? Happu says I am checking that if my disease is contagious. Manohar says what will I answer my wife. Resham pal comes there and says I heard everything. He says I spend lakhs on my hair and you are spreading disease here. He says I can’t take risk and asks him not to come in 50 mts diameter else he will suspend him.

Kamlesh comes to Janeman’s shop. Janeman asks if anyone steals your money. Kamlesh says no. Janeman takes back jalebi thinking he has no money. Kamlesh tells that he has much money and shows it. He asks him to eat and leave fast. Happu comes there and beats Jaaneman. He then slaps Kamlesh and blames him for spreading the disease. Kamlesh says may be you gave me this disease and says Kat’s father is mad. Happu beats him. Kamlesh says we shall go to Dr. Udhas, he shall have some treatment to this disease. Happu says I like him sometimes and they go to Dr. Udhas.

Dr. Udhas asks Happu if his wife left home. Happu says his destiny is not good. Dr. Udhas says I want you to live more and your kids to trouble you. Kamlesh asks what you do with this skull. Dr. Udhas says he used to have crow biryani in it. He asks why did they come? Happu tells that their hair is falling. Dr. Udhas says it is good. Kamlesh asks him to tell about the solution. He says people used to shoo them like shooing dogs. Dr. Udhas says it is inside you and makes your hair fall. Dr. Udhas asks them to think what they do together. Kamlesh says we have jalebi together. Dr. Udhas says that jalebi is making you bald. Happu says that jaaneman is bald and asks Dr. Udhas to come there and check him once. Dr. Udhas goes with Happu and Kamlesh to Jaaneman’s shop. Kat, Rajjo and Amma are eating jalebi. Happu and Kamlesh come there with Dr. Udhas. Happu says my three jaanemans are having jalebis here. Amma says she heard about the jalebis. Dr. Udhas asks them to die. Rajjo asks why you are taking Dukhi with him. Dr. Udhas says my father’s name was Dr. Dukhi and my son is Shok. Rajjo asks why did you bring him here. Happu and Kamlesh tell that there is something wrong in Jaaneman’s jalebi. Jaaneman says there is nothing wrong. Dr. Udhas says now Amma, Kat and Rajesh will get bald. Amma says she will slap him. Dr. Udhas says nobody can change it. Rajjo asks why are you talking bad. Dr. Udhas asks Jaaneman what he mixes in jalebi. Dr. Udhas checks and finds a color bottle. He tells that it has a chemical which makes the hair fall happen fast. Jaaneman says he adds it for color. Happu asks Kamlesh to beat Jaaneman. Kamlesh beats Jaaneman. Dr. Udhas asks them to come to his clinic and take medicine for hair fall control. Amma asks Kamlesh to beat Jaaneman again. Kamlesh beats him.

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

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