Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 30th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Happu, Rajjo and Kids stop Amma from going to Ashram

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The Episode starts with Amma hearing the bhajan. Happu comes there and asks her to sing in the morning, says now the weather is colorful. Amma says I will leave it (drinking). Happu says he has brought english wine for her and asks her to drink. Amma says beni will get upset with me as he asked me to leave all this before going to Ashram. Happu asks him to see the bottle and says it is looking at you. Amma looks at the bottle. Happu says it is asking you to drink. Beni comes there and snatches the bottle from Happu’s hand and drinks. Amma slaps him and says how will you go to Ashram, who has no control on yourself. Happu finds the bottle empty. Beni leaves.

Hritik tells Ranbir that their plan will be successful, if Beni uncle don’t go to Ashram then Dadi will also not go. Beni hears them. Hritik says Beni uncle can’t identify Vimlesh Mausi’s handwriting. Chamchi says it is good that Mausi didn’t marry him else her life would have been ruined. Beni gets angry and calls Happu, Amma and Rajjo. He says he wants to tell them about kids. Amma asks what will you do? Beni says I drank the bottle, but why did I drink today as I left drinking and asks Happu to say. Happu says you drank all the drink fully. Beni says the kids gave me fake letter in the name of Vimlesh. Chamchi says we wrote a letter to Beni in Vimlesh’s name that his marriage will not happen if he leaves drinking and don’t eat non veg. Hritik says we wrote that. Rajjo scolds them. Beni apologizes to Amma. Amma says this is kids’ mistake and forgives Beni. Beni says I will leave for the Ashram in the morning itself. Amma says even I will come with you, what will I do here? Happu asks her to think wisely. Amma says she has decided. Beni asks Amma to get ready early morning. Amma says yes, and asks him to sleep.

Happu and Rajjo are in their room. Happu calls her. Rajjo scolds him and asks why can’t you convince Amma to stay back. Happu says Amma is not agreeing. Rajjo says she is feeling heavy. Happu says I didn’t stay without Amma until now. Rajjo says she will miss Amma’s taunts. Happu says I used to bring duty free wine after my work, what will we do now. Rajjo says she used to wake up hearing Amma’s demand for tea. Happu recalls Amma slapping him and says she used to slap me lovingly, calling me naaspita. He says my cheeks will miss her. Rajjo says I will slap you and will call you Naaspita. She says she can’t stay without Amma. They cry. Rajjo asks him to stop Amma. Happu asks her to slap him. Rajjo slaps him thrice calling him Naspita. Happu turns his face.

Chamchi asks Hritik to switch off the lights. Hritik says if she wants to cry. Chamchi asks if he is not feeling like crying. Hritik says even I will miss Dadi. Chamchi says we will miss Dadi on her bed and her special words which she used to say, we will miss her memories, stories and habits. Ranbir cries and asks hritik to switch off the lights. Hritik switches off the lights. Chamchi and Ranbir cry. Hritik says if I am alone man child in this house.

Later in the morning, Beni comes to Amma and asks her to come. Amma says I have packed my stuff and asks where is his stuff? Beni says I will wash and wear these clothes. He asks her to give her stuff to Rajjo. Rajjo says she don’t want anything, and tells Amma that she is like her mother. Happu asks her to call her mother. Rajjo says you are my second mother. Amma says even if you tell me first mother then also I will not stop. Chamchi threatens to go to orphanage if she goes to Ashram. Amma asks her not to say this. Malaika asks Amma why is she listening to Beni and asks what happened with you, which made you take this decision. Kat says Beni uncle is taking you for company. Happu cries. Amma asks him to hug her. Happu cries and asks her to go. Amma asks Beni to come. Ranbir sings song….Happu runs out and hugs Amma, cries. Amma also cries. Happu asks her not to go and says he can’t live without her even for a day. Beni asks Amma not to melt. Amma slaps beni. Beni says you are flowing in crocodile tears. Amma says they are my kids and I will not leave them. Happu asks Amma, if she is not going? Amma says she is not leaving and hugs everyone. Beni says she is a weak woman. Happu says you are weak to run, as you didn’t get Vimlesh. Rajjo gets Vimlesh’s call and she tells that she is with Kishore bhai on red bike. Beni comes back hearing vimlesh. Rajjo talks to Kishore and ends the call. Beni asks who is Kishore Bhaiyya? Rajjo says our rakhi brother. Beni says Vimlesh was with him when I saw her. Rajjo says yes. Beni says this means Vimlesh is still available. Rajjo asks for what? Beni says she is single. Kat says you can be her saiyya. Amma says she wants to have kadai chicken. Happu smiles. Kamlesh tells Kat that he wants to have tea and contribute to nature.

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

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