Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 2nd December 2019 Written Episode Update: Happu and Rajjo miss romance in their marriage

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The Episode starts with Happu coming home late in night to steal Rajjo’s necklace and asks Kamlesh to open the gate. Kamlesh opens the gate. Happu asks him to do any work with heart. He goes inside silently. Malaika is waiting for the thief and starts beating Happu when he is about to leave. Other kids join him and beat them. Rajjo comes out. Kat asks them to beat him. Beni comes and asks why is he beating the man. The kids tell that he is a thief. They ask Beni to beat him. Beni says I can’t beat anyone today. Kamlesh asks Beni what is he doing and tells that he will lose 50 Rs today. Happu shouts and cries. Everyone sees him. Rajjo scolds him for stealing her necklace and asks if he didn’t feel shame. Amma asks if she didn’t feel ashamed to wear stolen necklace. Rajjo tells that he had brought necklace for me, but gave you seeing your tears. Amma says then you takes him to your side and made him steal from me. Happu is badly beaten up. Amma asks why did you do this? Happu says you would have insisted to get same necklace. Malaika apologizes to Happu for beating him. Amma tells that she has realized that necklace suits on Rajjo best. Rajjo says it is best on you. They settle down to wear it on alternate days and go inside to keep the necklace inside. Happu tells that even now they care for necklace and asks his kids to take him inside. Kamlesh misses his home and gets sad. Sudarshan comes and tells that everyone is missing him. Kamlesh cries and hugs him. They leave.

Next day, happu calls Rajjo and asks for the handkerchief. He checks and tells that it is having stain. Rajjo says it is lipstick mark of your wife. Happu asks him to see her age now and asks her not to use lipstick and take care of kids now. He leaves.

Rajjo reminisces the past days, when Happu comes to room and asks for his handkerchief. She makes an entry and gives him handkerchief. Happu says he wants a different handkerchief and applies her lipstick mark on it and then takes it. Rajjo asks him to have shame and says they have three kids. Happu says he wants 4th kid. Rajjo thinks he has changed in 10 years.

Rajjo is cooking in kitchen. Happu tells that she works alone etc. Amma tells that she used to cook food holding him in her hand. Kat comes wearing a modern outfit. Amma asks about it. Kat says it is fashion, you can’t understand. She calls rajjo and asks her to bring salad. Happu says everyone wants different things. She brings the food items and serves them. Hritik tells that he don’t want onion omelette. Rajjo says she will make omelette again. Kat asks for her salad. Rajjo says I will bring. Amma asks for ghee and happu asks for more paratha. Rajjo goes to bring. Later happu asks her to give tiffin. Rajjo brings tiffin, keeps it on the table and runs inside. Happu reminisces old days and recalls Rajjo bringing the tiffin and giving to him. He then taking to side and gets a kiss on his cheeks from her. fb ends. Happu smiles. Beni asks what happened? Happu tells him about their past days when he used to be constable. Beni says I know everything and saw all romance. Happu says you must be seeing intentionally, but today life has become fast and there is no time for romance. Beni asks if romance ended now. Happu says he wants to romance, but life became sad. Beni tells Happu that he has an idea to revive the romance. Happu tells that Rajjo is always busy with the 9 kids and don’t have time for romance. Beni says if you would have got me married to Vimlesh then we would have get your problem solved. Happu says I will get your marriage done and then Vimlesh will drink your blood like Rajjo is drinking mine. You will know then? He shouts saying he is leaving.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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