Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 29th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Happu and Kamlesh’s hair fall problem revealed

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The Episode starts with Happu asking Hritik to take 500 Rs later. Hritik blackmails to tell Rajjo. Happu asks if you are my son? Hritik says I am thinking of your advantage and says a husband has to give so much to his wife after divorce. Happu gives him 500 Rs. Hritik takes it. Happu asks from where did you learn to scare the person first and then take money from him. Hritik says I have learnt from you, you take bribe this way. He calls Mummy and asks for 200 more. Happu asks him to run. Hritik calls Mummy. Happu and Kamlesh come out insearch of cow dung. Kamlesh says there is cowdung and thinks if cow wears diapers too. Both Happu and Kamlesh see the cow dung and argue to get it. Malaika and Kat come there and stop them from fighting. Malaika asks why you both are fighting for cow dung? Kat says you was going to uncle 13th day. Kamlesh makes an excuse, that he needs it for 13th day havan. Malaika asks why do you feed Bapu? Happu says he thought to fertile the soils for plants using cowdung. Malaika ask him to do 50=50. Kamlesh says done. They take dung cake and divide it equally.

Later Happu comes to Beni’s house and wakes him up. Beni wakes up feeling the smell of cow dung. Happu says he has brought cow dung. Beni says I saw dream that Bimlesh brought lassi for me. Happu asks him to apply cow dung on his head. Beni refuses. Happu gives Bimlesh’s promise. Beni says I don’t believe in promise, but I will apply. He applies cow dung to his hair with the brush. Happu wishes that even his life becomes same as him, after the marriage. Rajjo is standing out and hears them. Happu says this has happened due to Rajesh and says he dislikes her from the start. Beni asks did she ask you to apply it? Happu says no, she threatened to leave me, but I asked her to go to her mayka and not to show her face to him. Beni says what are you saying, she is so good. Happu says both Rajjo and Bimlesh are bad. Rajjo says I heard everything and goes. Beni applies cow dung on Happu’s moustache.

Rajjo tells Amma and Happu that they have hidden truth from her, that Happu is getting bald and that her dream came true. Amma taunts at Rajjo’s family. Hritik, Chamchi and Ranbir ask them to fight nicely. Ranbir asks Rajjo to go to her mayka and stay there for sometime.

Happu cheers up Rajjo with his love talks. Amma says you both are strange and increasing the population. Rajjo asks Amma to think about saving his hair. Happu says someone will call you taklu ki biwi. Rajjo says how your face will look. Amma asks them to go to their room and talk. Rajjo says Amma, your relatives are bald and goes. Kamlesh applies cow dung on his head. Kat comes there and asks what did he apply on his head? Kamlesh says mehendi. Kat smells it and says cow dung. Kamlesh insists. Kat sees patch on his head and asks if he is getting bald. Kamlesh says it is small. Kat breaks friendship with him. Kamlesh cries.

Dada ji comes to Amma singing the song. Amma asks did you get bald that you are holding your head. Dada ji says Yamraj will do nagara on my head. Nargis Mausi comes there covering her head. Amma asks what happened to her. Nargis Mausi tells that a disease is spreading in the neighborhood and that’s why I am going with my head tied. Rajjo asks her to tell truth sometimes. Nargis says whenever she opens her mouth, she bites like scorpion. Rajjo says Mausi lies. Mausi says she said right. Dada ji says Kamlesh got infected due to Happu. Amma gets scared and tells Rajjo. Mausi hears and goes. Rajjo checks her hair and says my hair is ok. Amma asks her to stay away from her.

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

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