Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 28th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Happu enjoys acting to be angry with Rajjo and Amma

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 28th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Beni and Happu having food in the former’s house. Happu praises the Anda curry and says I never had this tasty food before. He thanks him. Beni says mention not, even I am eating with you. He asks him not to be burden in his favors and asks him to get him married to Vimlesh. Happu says salt is less in the food. Beni says I will ask Rajesh to bring. Happu asks him not to call her and says I am enjoying the attention they are giving me. Beni says now they understood. Beni says let this drama go on for 2-3 days. He says let me enjoy this. Beni asks will you make me marry Vimlesh. Happu says he enjoys Anda Curry.

Rajjo comes back and tells that Happu didn’t agree to her words. Amma says you couldn’t do anything and your charm is gone. Rajjo says I brought these 9 kids with my charm. Amma says it is rusted now. Rajjo asks her to make him understand and bring him back. Amma says he went hungry, don’t know how is he feeling? They look at beni’s house. Happu tells Beni that his soul is happy and asks for sweets. Beni says you are shameful man and asks did you get any sweets after food. Happu says yes and kisses on his cheeks. He sees Amma coming and asks Beni to pretend as if he didn’t even smell the food. Amma sits and asks happu if he have food. Happu says he didn’t eat food since afternoon. Dada ji says he is lying, there is a garlic smell in the room. Amma tells that your father said that garlic smell is coming. Happu says he also came and greets him. Beni says I had food. Dada ji asks her to smell his mouth. Amma refuses. She asks him to come home and says small arguments happen in every house. Happu says aren’t you feeling shame to say that it was a small fight. Amma says I will make Rajjo understand not to fight with me. Happu says you didn’t see your mistake. Rajjo came and tell that Amma is clever. I told her that she was cow when she was married to him. He says both of you can’t be right. Amma says even I did mistake and asks him to come home. She asks him to make Happu understand. beni says he is matured enough. Amma folds her hand and says I am folding my hands before you. Happu closes his eyes, says I am blind and can’t see. She says I can’t eat until you come. Happu asks beni what to do. Amma slaps Beni and says can’t you ask him to go. Beni asks him to go. happu tells that I will go home, but will not eat food. He burps. Amma asks him to have something.

Next day, the kids are going to school. Happu scolds the kids. Rajjo asks the kids not to leave tiffin and water bottles in school. Malaika says I am wearing didi’s uniform. Kamlesh comes and calls Kat. Kat comes and says hi Kamlesh. Kamlesh introduces her to Raj. Raj says how are you? He talks like Malaika. Kat says he is like Malaika. Rajjo asks Kamlesh to drop them. Kat says I am going with him. Kamlesh says Raj will drop you. Rajjo asks Kamlesh to drive slowly. Amma asks Happu to drink tea. Happu throws the tea in the side. Rajjo irons his uniform. Happu comes there after bathing. Rajjo says you took bath fast. Happu throws tantrums and asks if he shall get dirty and take bath and make all water wasted. Rajjo says I didn’t say this, why you are throwing tantrums. Happu asks her not to talk to him.

He takes out another uniform to wear. Rajjo says I have pressed this uniform. He sits on that uniform and says he will do what he wants. Rajjo asks him to wear after having food. He says he don’t want to eat and goes. Rajjo thinks he is strange. Amma makes happu’s favorite halwa and calls him. She says my lalla got weak. Happu says he is fit. Amma says I made halwa for my son and asks him to open his mouth. Happu says I am not hungry, I don’t want to eat. He is fed up of everyone and want to go in silence. Amma says small arguments happen in every house. Happu says if I don’t stay here then you both will have a fight too. He says there is no need to eat. Rajjo brings tiffin for him. He asks her to give tiffin to Vimla who troubled her saas and husband. He comes out and asks Beni what he brought. Beni says Omelette. Happu says everyone is thinking that I am hungry and says now he feels that everything will be fine. Beni says whenever you think that everything is fine, a storm of troubles come and you will get drown in it.

Precap: Amma tells Rajjo that they will not fight with each other. Rajjo says ok.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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