Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 28th August 2020 Written Episode Update: The conflict over TV gets resolved

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 28th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Beni gave a good idea and thinks he has bought TVs for Rs. 1500 each. He calls everyone and asks them to come out. Amma, Rajjo and kids come out. They ask what is in the boxes? Happu tells that there are three color TVs in these boxes. Everyone gets happy. Happu says everyone can watch their favorite programmes now. Amma calls him near her and hugs him. She says you have paid my milk’s price. Hritik says you are leaving him at the cheap price. Rajjo also praises him. Malaika says you are diamond at heart. Kat says my father is the best. Ranbir sings song my papa is great. Happu dances and thinks everyone is praising him as their wishes are fulfilled. Rajjo watches bhabhi ji ghar me hain show in her room. Happu comes there and tries to romance with her. Rajjo asks him not to disturb her. Happu says if you are done with Tv then give sometime to me. Rajjo says go from here, I am feeling good to watch TV. Happu says this will be in room always and tells that he wants to play with her. Rajjo asks him to play with amma. Happu says he is talking about romance in code words. Rajjo pushes him off the bed and asks him to go. He goes sadly.

Ranbir and Hritik watch TV in their room. Hritik asks him to be quiet. Ranbir tells that he doesn’t like him to lose concentration. Happu comes there. hritik asks him to let them watch TV. Happu says I have seen this 5 times. Hritik says let us watch now. Happu tells about the film lagaan and the hero bhavan. Hritik says his name is Bhuvan. Happu tells the climax of the film and laughs. Hritik says Papa has spoiled the suspense and asks Ranbir to switch off TV. Happu asks him to watch as so much is there to watch. Ranbir asks him to go rather than breaking the suspense. Happu says you are asking me to go, who has brought TV for you. Hritik says what is the use of TV, as you told everything. Happu goes. Ranbir asks Hritik to forget whatever Happu said from his mind and watch the film.

Happu comes to Amma. Amma is watching bahu naagin film. Happu tries to talk to her. Amma slaps him and asks him to give 30 mins. Happu asks her to watch film. Amma switches off the TV and slaps him. She asks who are you? Happu says I have taken care of you all and you are asking me this. Amma says I have managed with one TV and asks him to go to his wife and says you will get 10th child with her. Happu says you are saying as if I am living for 10th.. She continues to watch her favorite program.

Next day, Happu is sad. Rajjo signs Amma. Amma tells that she has taken decision that only one TV will be in the house. Happu says you have a change of heart suddenly. Malaika says we have a habit of one TV. Amma says habit of fighting while watching TV with each other. Ranbir says he steals leg piece from Hritik’s plate while watching TV. Amma tells that she is feeling alone in this world while watching TV alone. Rajjo says Amma is saying right and tells that family unity is broken. Malaika says let one TV be here. Kat, Hritik and Ranbir agree too. Happu gets happy and tells that he will bring 55 inches big TV. Rajjo asks him to sell three TVS and bring one big. Happu tells them that the TVS were not new, but second hand. Everyone gets shocked.

Happu comes to the kitchen. Rajjo promotes Tata Sampann haldi and tells about its quality. She says even my mummy uses this. He says Avdesh. She puts turmeric in the milk and tells that nobody will get unwell in cold weather, as immunity will get strong. Happu goes.

Precap: Happu tells Makwana about a dacoit, who had promised to take revenge on him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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