Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 27th September 2019 Written Episode Update: Happu apologizes to Beni after Amma reveals the truth

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Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 27th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Doctor checking Amma. Happu asks him to tell what happened to Amma. Doctor says Amma’s bird in the throat is died. Happu asks what do you mean and asks him to clarify. Doctor asks if he don’t understand English. Rajjo asks him to tell clearly. Doctor says we don’t want to hurt the patient. Happu asks him to tell clearly. Doctor says in simple words, Amma can’t speak now. They get shocked. Amma is also shocked and tries to tell happu about beni and Kamlesh’s innocence. Kat comes to the Police station and asks how dare you to do this? Beni tells Kamlesh, you are talking to the girl whose father beaten us. Kat asks him not to interfere between them and asks Kamlesh to speak now. Kamlesh asks her not to talk to him in this way and says he was not involved with

Dadi’s matter. Beni asks did I kidnap her then? Kamlesh asks her to save him and says your father is beating me like a dog. Kat says I will not save you this time and will break my relation with you. Beni says this is all done by Amma. Kat says Dadi couldn’t speak since yesterday and you are saying this. She leaves.

Rajjo brings kada and gives to Amma. Amma thinks my bahu loves me a lot. Rajjo says I am feeling bad and can’t stay without your scoldings. She says she is missing her voice. Happu calls her and asks her to keep the phone on loudspeaker, says he is missing her voice. Rajjo picks the call and asks Amma to talk. Amma couldn’t speak and makes her bangle sound. Happu asks what are you saying Amma and cries. He ends the call. Amma also cries. Manohar asks Happu if Amma is gone. Happu gets angry and beats him. Manohar asks what happened. Happu asks him to let him take a breath. Later Happu comes home. Amma tries to talk to him. Happu asks her to try to speak. Rajjo says she is talking in sign language. Amma thinks I didn’t know that I will be fine. She signs him asking not to cry and that she will be fine. She think that achaar must be made by Nargis. Rajjo takes Happu to side and asks did Beni speak something? Happu says he didn’t speak and even Kamlesh didn’t open his mouth.

Amma sees snake coming into their house and crawling towards Rajjo and Happu. She gets shocked and shouts pulling Rajjo and Happu to safety. Happu gets happy that Amma is fine. He says bhole baba came to treat you. Amma says my neck is paining. Happu says he has beaten beni and Kamlesh, making them stand inside tyre. Amma says I got myself kidnapped to test your love. Happu is shocked and regrets to beat Beni. He says I have beaten him so much and even Kamlesh. Amma says I tried to tell you, but you didn’t understand. She says she has sour acchaar and lost her voice. Happu goes to Police station. Beni is writhing in pain at home. Happu comes there. Beni asks him to apply ointment thinking him as kamlesh.

Happu massages his back and cries. Beni asks did you lose your voice. Happu cries badly. Beni gets up and says Prabhu…you are here to give darshan to us. Happu asks if the pain is severe. Beni says I am very happy and prospering from inside. He asks him to go and says my eyes couldn’t bear your light. Happu says I understand that you don’t want to see my face and hates me, but there is love in his heart for him. Beni says if this is Prayagraj then I would have presented you with garland. Happu apologizes and says I thought that you have really kidnapped Amma. Beni says you didn’t understand me and didn’t help me financially. Happu says I brought money with me and gives him money asking him not to return it. Beni says I don’t need it. Happu asks him to take out the anger from him and gives him bat. Beni hits on his back. Happu says he has really beaten me. Later Rajjo complains to Happu that hritik always eats biscuits rather than food. Happu asks him to eat Parle Delight biscuit. Rajjo eats it. Happu promotes it. Rajjo says why didn’t you bring it before. Happu asks her to give biscuits to Amma also so that she can eat with tea.

Precap: Rajjo asks happu if she has any right on this house. Happu says Amma and you have the equal right. Rajjo asks him to tell that she has more right in the house. Happu says yes. Chamchi hears them.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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