Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 27th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Happu gets upset with Rajjo and Amma

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Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 27th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Amma asking when paratha will come. Hrithik says mummy will make food and asks Chamchi to sit quietly. Rajjo brings paratha. Amma asks her to give soft parathar and not hard. She asks her to ask her to go. Happu comes and asks if she is praising Rajjo. Amma says Rajjo wants to kill me by making me eat hard paratha. Happu says Rajesh shall make food according to your preference and asks her not to fight while having food. Rajjo and Amma argue. Amma says she wants me to eat dalya from paratha. Rajjo asks do I want to get your teeth fallen. Happu says Amma didn’t mean that. Amma says I mean that. She says bahu wants me to die soon. Rajjo says don’t know why Amma speaks like this. Amma blames her and her Amma. Rajjo gets upset. Happu says you both were fine, but fighting over paratha. He says the kids will not marry thinking their saas will be like Amma and Avdesh. He asks them have food and says I am not eating and going to Beni’s house. He says he is on strike and this house is not his now. He goes. Malaika says if you had not stopped me, then their fight would have stopped. Kat says I am elder than you.

Beni writes poetry on Vimlesh and marriage. Happu comes there and tells that the marriage laddoo is not sweet, but gas will happen. Beni asks if I did my friend setting with you for this day and says she don’t trouble you. Happu says whenever they are far, they are good and when they come face to face, they fight and I get grinded between them. He says I will pray for this to come in your life too. Beni asks him to see what he brought. Happu says Rajjo made hard paratha, Amma scolded her and said that Rajjo wants to kill her. beni says if someone can die with paratha. Happu says Amma thinks that if she had hard paratha than her teeth will fall and she will die. Beni says she thinks so far and asks about her age.

The kids finish the food. Rajjo says she never saw him so angry before. Amma says he was simple before marriage, now he became angry. Chamchi says yes. Amma asks Rajjo to go and apologize to him and call him. Rajjo says you only started the fight and made me scolded by him. Amma says he showers flowers seeing you and bursts fire on me. Malaika asks them to stop the fight. Hritik and Chamchi argue. Ranbir is still having food and asks where is Papa. Rajjo asks him to wash his hand. Amma asks her to go. Rajjo asks her to go.

Kamlesh comes to meet Kat. She asks him why is he late? Kamlesh says he met his friend Raj who is depressed. Malaika says he is depressed because of you. Kamlesh says no. He says he lost trust from love as his girlfriend left him. He says he is very sad. Kat says that is bad. Malaika asks him to go. Kamlesh tells Kat that they shall help him. Kat says she will definitely help. Malaika asks him to get out and slaps him. Kamlesh goes.

Beni is making food. Happu asks him to hurry up. Beni says I am not your wife to cook fast. Rajjo comes to take Happu back home and sits on the bed where he is relaxing. Happu ignores her. She says when there are 4 utensils in the house then it will make sound. Happu says it is broken and says you both are fighting like snake and mongoose. He says his house is snake and mongoose Nivas. She asks who is snake and who is mongoose. Happu says you both have both qualities. He says he will sit with Beni and talk all night. Rajjo asks why is he making an issue, the matter was small. Happu says did you think anytime, how will I feel when the important ladies of my life fight, says he feels pain. Rajjo holds her ears and asks him to come home. Happu says no and says you came as cow when you got married. Rajjo says you said you like teekhi. He says nobody have spicy thing. He says he is Happu Singh ruthless and asks her to go. Rajjo goes out. Happu gets happy and calls Beni.

Precap: Amma pleads infront of Happu and asks him to come home. Happu asks beni what to tell her. beni says what shall I say? Amma slaps him and asks him to ask happu to go. beni asks him to go.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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