Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 27th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Hritik’s decision shocks the family

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Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 27th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Hritik giving 25000 to Amma and 25500 to Rajjo. He asks them to buy nice sarees for them. He asks Happu to stop using this hair oil and gives him money to buy shampoo for hair wash. Happu scolds Rajjo and tells that hritik is talking in Chaddha’s tone. Rajjo asks why didn’t you beat him and showing attitude to her. Makwana asks Manohar if he ever thinks that he should have been commissioner. Makwana says I think that I should have been commissioner. Makwana scolds him. Happu comes there and asks Manohar to dream big. Manohar says he wants to become Commissioner only. Happu asks him to keep pistol on Resham pal’s forehead and insists to become Commissioner. Manohar tells that he will become Criminal then. Happu asks what did you do to become Commissioner? Manohar asks what did previous Commissioners have done? Makwana says he had caught many criminals when he was Commissioner. Resham Lal comes there and asks what are they doing? Happu tells that they are playing who will the Commissioner’s game. Resham lal scolds him. He says I got a news that a man from our department is acting to be commissioner and setting his future. Happu is shocked. Makwaka asks who is he? Resham lal asks him to find out and tells that only he is the Commissioner in the Kanpur.

Mr. Chaddha checks the catering/food. Happu tells that it is paneer stuff and asks if he likes the arrangement. Mr. Chaddha says it is ok. He asks about Aishwarya and Katrina. Happu says he didn’t invite them. Chamchi says they are talking about Amma and Mummy.

Happu tells that they are coming. He asks if he would like to drink? Mr. Chaddha says he don’t drink infront of kids. Happu says we can drink in steel glasses. Mr. Chaddha says kids are smart and will understand. Rajjo and Amma come there in their costly sarees. Amma asks if she is looking as Madhubala. Mr. Chaddha tells that she was rich and raees. Kat records her programme and tells two kidos are getting engaged. Kamlesh shoots the video. Everyone starts dancing. Mr. Chaddha gets upset seeing Happu dance. Pal Pal na maane tinku jiya plays…..Amma and Rajjo also dance along with kids.

Kat refers to audience again and says I hope you have enjoyed Hritik’s engagement and signs off. Kamlesh tells that the kids’ engagement will become famous. Kat says we shall go and enjoy the function. Mr. Chaddha says engagement is done. I have a request and I have thought something for Britany and Hritik’s betterment. Rajjo asks how this is possible? Amma says he needs his family. Mr. Chaddha says Hritik wants to stay with us. Hritik says he wants to stay with Britany and Chaddha Papa. Britany says I love you Jaanu. Mr. chaddha tells that he will come to take Hritik tomorrow, tells that Hritik and Britany will handle his business in future. Everyone gets sad.

Rajjo cries in her room. Happu comes to her and asks if she has cold. Rajjo says no and tells that my son is going tomorrow. Happu tells that son is going from here. Rajjo says she will not let him go. Happu tells that your son hates this house and his father’s face, he wants to go. Rajjo says I will not let him go. Happu says I am feeling bad and tells that once he thought that Hritik will die when he was ill, they had gone to the temple and prayed to make him fine. Rajjo tells that when he was born, everyone said that rat is born. Happu says same rat has bitten the relations net and going away from home. Rajjo and Happu, both of them cry.

Dada ji cries. Amma asks what happened? Why you are crying like kid. Dada ji asks her to leave him alone. He says Hritik is going tomorrow and you are not affected. He says if Chamchi would have gone then you would have cried. He says you people are doing a big mishap. Amma tells that hritik wants to go and nobody can speak infront of Chaddha, as he brought everyone with his money. Dada ji asks her to do something. Amma says Hritik is sold stuff now.

Hritik asks Ranbir to take his clothes? Ranbir says no. Hritik tells that he will give to some poor. He asks Chamchi if she wants android phone gifted by Britany. Chamchi says no. Ranbir asks will you talk to us. Hritik says your brother is alive and tells that whenever they want to meet him, shall take appointment from his manager. They ask if he will come to school. Hritik says he will go to America and study in American school. He goes to talk to Britany. Ranbir sings a sad song. Chamchi cries.

Precap: Hritik asks Rajjo why is she crying? He asks her to come and meet him, or shift there, says his house is big. Happu asks if this house is not yours. Hritik says yes.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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