Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 26th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Hritik and Britany’s engagement is fixed

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Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 26th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Kat asking Happu how much he paid to become an Inspector. Happu asks what is this question? Amma says she asked right question. Rajjo asks Kat to ask something good. Kamlesh shows the video to Happu. Hritik and Chamchi come home. Rajjo asks hritik about his school day. Hritik says he has two good news for them. Rajjo asks her to tell. Hritik says good news is that Britany and I want to get married. Amma asks if he is mad? Rajjo says ok, get married. She asks what is the other good news? Hritik says Britany’s father is coming tonight. Rajjo says she will make food. Hritik asks them to bring outside food. Happu asks what else. Hritik asks him to present himself nicely. He says one request, I told britany’s father that you are commissioner, else I would have been insulted. Rajjo tells Happu that he might leave the house. Amma asks Happu to act to be commissioner. Rajjo says it is just an act. Hritik asks him to do this for britany and him and asks him to buy a suit for himself. Happu says I don’t have any suit. Hritik asks him to burrow suit from someone.

Happu comes to the pan shop and thinks from where to get the suit, no tailor will stitch at short time. Pan shop guy looks on. Happu teases him. Tailor comes there bringing Beni’s suit. Happu says beni is not at home. Tailor tells that he told that he will come in 10-15 mins. Happu tells that he will take much time. Tailor says he can’t wait till then and asks him to give the suit to Beni Prasad. Happu says ok and gives suit to him. He hits the pan shop guy and goes.

Later in the evening, Happu’s family is waiting for Britany’s father to come. Hritik tells that they stay in posh area and we stay in outskirts. Britany says if you want then we will shift to London. Kat says something. Hritik asks her not to speak in her English. He asks where is Papa? Rajjo says he is getting ready. Amma says he is getting ready as you said. Hritik says he shall not look like joker. Happu comes out wearing suit. Hritik checks his suit and then nails. Britany comes with her father Mr. Chaddha. Hritik says hi to Britany. Britany says hi Jaanu. Happu is shocked. Kat says she is so fast. Kamlesh tells Mr. Chaddha that Amma is Aishwarya, his mother is Katrina and his father is Happy Singh.

Mr. Chaddha asks from which batch you have done IPS. Happu says 90’s batch. Mr. Chaddha asks from where? Rajjo asks him to talk something else. Amma asks him to tell about himself. Mr. Chaddha tells about himself and tells that his wife died years ago. He says his daughter wants to marry Hritik. Rajjo says they are kids? Amma says marriage is not a children’s game. Mr. Chaddha tells that they will do engagement now and marriage shall be done after they grow up. He asks them to see money’s magic and calls his secretary. He takes cheque from him and gives 5 lakhs cheque to Happu for the engagement arrangements and 1 lakh cash to hritik. Beni comes there and asks Happu to give his suit. Mr. Chaddha asks who is he? happu tells that he is his neighbor, who is bad and whenever he sees someone wearing suit, he thinks it is his suit which he couldn’t wear. Mr. Chaddha feels pity on him and gives him 50000 for the treatment and suit. Beni takes the money and goes. Happu asks why did you give money? Mr. Chaddha says I have much money. Happu says he is mad for sure.

Kat tells Kamlesh that she is very excited to come on TV. Malaika says you will look same to same. Kamlesh says Kat will look more beautiful on TV. Malaika says you wanted to say that she is ugly. Kamlesh asks why you want to make us fight. Kat’s interview comes on TV, but just then TV gets off. Malaika says TV is not recharged. Hritik comes there and gives money to Kat for the RC, says I have much money. Kat gets happy and hugs him.

Amma tells Happu that she is not convinced about hritik’s engagement. Rajjo says he is very small. Happu says it is good that he liked a rich girl and she also liked him, else he would have got some beggar bahu. Amma slaps him. She asks him to give money for her saree. Happu says he don’t have. Amma asks about 5 lakhs cheque. Happu says he has not deposited till now. Hritik comes there and gives money to Amma for her saree.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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