Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 25th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Happu hides Tunnu from Resham Pal

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 25th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Resham Pal asking Amma if he has done right thing. Amma says no. Rajjo says she means you did right. Resham Pal’s wife cries. He asks his wife not to cry and shows his brother in law’s pic to Rajjo and Amma. He asks Amma to say. Amma tells that she has seen him here in the house. Happu says Amma wants to say that she saw his pic which you sent to me. Resham Pal asks what are you doing here? Happu says he had gone to search him, but….Ranbir and Hritik come there seeing the unconscious man and try to tell them, but Happu diverts their attention and asks Ranbir to sing the song and show his talent. He sings song. Resham Pal’s wife cries. Rajjo asks her not to cry and spoil her make up. She takes her with her. Happu says it seems she is very attached to her brother. He scolds Ranbir for singing emotional song. Rajjo tells her that nothing would have happen to him, he will come soon. Resham Pal says I can give you anything if I found my brother. Rajjo says she is worried about Happu’s job. Resham Pal’s wife tells that nothing will happen. Rajjo sees Tunnu coming there and asks Resham Pal’s wife to wash her face with soap and water. She then signs Ranbir and Hritik to take Tunnu. They take him. Resham Pal’s wife hears him. Rajjo says your ears are playing.

Happu comes to Kat and hears her singing song. He asks her to peep out of window and see the fresh air. Kat says she also wants to go out. Happu asks her to go and watch film with her friend. Kat says Kamlesh. Happu asks her to go with Kamlesh and watch film. Kat tells that Malaika gave her promise not to watch movie with Kamlesh, else I will see her dead face. Happu says I am also giving you promise and asks her to go and watch film. Kat says she is feeling special. Malaika tells that her exam is near. Happu says how much she will study, go and watch film. Malaika asks what did you have? Happu says you are failing me and asks what did you do for me till now? Malaika says mummy has given her birth. Happu says I used to be awake all nights for her and sings lullaby. Malaika says I was awake too and made her do homework. Happu goes.

Rajjo jumps on the sofa and tells that she saw rat. Resham Pal and his wife also climb up on the sofa. Amma insults him indirectly. Resham Pal’s wife tells that he must be cat in his last birth and would have caught many rats in his mouth. Resham Pal says I will catch the rat. Happu says I have no problem with rats.

He tells that his rats are very sanskari and goes to sleep when he calls him. Resham pal says Happu is very strange man and tells that there is a problem in your making. Tunnu calls and says I am here. Resham Pal runs to room and sees Hritik doing his homework and smiling. Resham Pal says it is very strange. Happu says he is studying well. Resham Pal tells that there was some guy’s voice was heard. Hritik says it was my voice. Happu tells that he is burdened with responsibilities. Kamlesh comes there and tell me check under the bed. He finds Tunnu under the bed with Beni and says nobody is hiding here. Happu asks him to go to watch movie with Kat. Kamlesh goes happily. Happu says lets go sir.

Kamlesh asks Kat to get ready and tells that he has support of Kanpur Police. Kat is afraid of Malaika. Happu comes there and asks them to go and watch film. Kat asks what about Malaika? She is in bathroom. Happu says I will handle her. Malaika comes there and says devil arrived. Happu scolds her and asks them to go. Malaika asks Kamlesh to leave first. Happu says I am standing here, reminds that he is her father and head of the family.

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

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