Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 23rd June 2021 Written Episode Update: Happu and Kids miss Rajjo a lot

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 23rd June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Happu coming home and telling that every home has same story. He says my wife went to her mayka and Commissioner’s wife wants to kick her husband out. Kat comes there and tells that she wants to introduce someone. She calls Kamli. Kamlesh comes there wearing salwar kameez. Happu looks at her. Kamli greets him. Happu says I heard such name first time. Kat says she had heard her name in school. Kamli tells that her father is a big businessman. Kat says her father has much money in many bank accounts. Happu asks Kamli where is she staying? Kamli says she is staying in five star hotel. Kat insists Kamli to stay in her house. Kamli/Kamlesh lies that if she stays here, then her tawu ji or father will give them 10-15 lakhs to them. Happu gets happy and asks her to stay here.

Later Happu tells Beni that his evening can’t be spent without this wine, it has been always with me, during bad and good times and boosts my courage. Beni asks him to drink it like milk. Happu cries. Beni says you are crying like a sad wife. Happu says house is looking lonely and he is feeling bad for Amma. He says how Amma will manage all the work alone. Beni says Chachi is very burdened. Happu says we have done work in the day time, now Amma must be making. Chamchi comes there and says Dadi is calling you to make food. Beni says Maa’s motherly love, asks him to finish his glass fast and come. Happu asks him to come and peel the matar. Beni and Happu work in the kitchen. Happu asks him to do half of the work, as Amma will scold them. Resham Pal calls him. Beni asks him to pick the call and lie big. Happu picks the call. Resham Pal says I want to ask you something and asks if his wife came to the PS. Happu says yes, she had come like a storm and have gone out flood. Resham Pal asks him to come and meet him. Happu says I am busy in work and tells that he is following Shakaal. Resham Pal asks didn’t you catch him till now. Happu says I will not leave him until I catch him. just then cooker whistles, Resham Pal says again cooker whistled. Happu says actually he had whistled, as Shakaal jumped in the river and I don’t know swimming. He says I will catch him and ends the call.

In the night, Happu cries and keeps Rajjo’s pic on his chest. Jag suna suna laage plays….He calls Rajjo, but she disconnects his call. Kat asks Kamli to sleep else will get dark circles. Malaika tells Kamli about Kat’s friend Kamlesh. Kamlesh says lets sleep. Malaika says where we will sleep? Kat says we will sleep on the bed and Kamli will sleep on the floor. Malaika says Kamli shall sleep between us. Kat is shocked and says Kamli herself said that she wants to sleep on the ground. Kat says there will be a problem. Malaika says if you have problem then we both will sleep on the bed. Kamlesh says no and tells that his Papa says that they shall be grounded. Malaika rests to sleep. Kat says good night Kamlesh. Malaika asks where is he? Kat says he is in your mind and says good night Kamli.

In the morning, Kat cries and asks Happu to call Mummy back. Happu says she is rainbow of my life and went making my life dull. Hritik, Chamchi, Malaika and Others ask Happu to call her back. Happu says I have realized and found that all my money was in my pocket and I thought 400-500 would have been missing if Rajjo was here. Ranbir asks him not to get sad, as they will take money from his pocket. Amma asks why are they mourning and says Bahu will return. She says I am here with you all. Hritik says if Mummy would have been here then she would have made me sleep. Kat cries and says I want my mummy back and says she got wrinkles on her face with mummy’s face pack. Malaika asks her to make face pack. Kat says I want my mummy back. Amma asks Happu what is his problem, as he is saved from wife’s tantrums. Happu says he couldn’t sleep at night as Rajjo used to take care of him. Amma slaps him. Hritik asks Amma to call their mummy back as she went with her wish. Amma tells Nargis Mausi that her bahu went to mayka as she scolded her in the morning. Nargis Mausi says bahu’s skin shall be very hard that she shall listen to saas’s taunts. Amma says she taunts her very much and thinking to call her back. Nargis Mausi asks her to get ready to get insulted. A lady comes to the temple and hears them. Amma tells that my bahu can’t insult me. Nargis Mausi asks her not to bring Rajesh back, and says she herself will return and will keep her head down on your feet. Amma says it will be wonderful, but who will handle the house till then. The lady starts acting hearing them and pretends to talk to God, tells that she is jobless, who will feed her family now. Nargis Mausi gets an idea and gives to Amma. Amma gets happy.

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

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