Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 23rd August 2019 Written Episode Update: Malaika, Kamlesh and kids scare Happu

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 23rd August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Happu complaining to Amma that Rajjo is making parathas slowly and he is getting late, says commissioner will suck his blood. Rajjo comes and asks him to make food himself. Amma says I never took so much time to cook and says if a guest comes here then will die hungry. Rajjo shouts seeing mouse and the chutney falls down. Amma asks why did you jump? Rajjo says she saw mouse. Amma says you made all chutney fell down and says now we have to eat food just like that. Happu says what people will think that Inspector’s wife is scared. Malaika asks why are you making fun. Happu says she is scared since the beginning. Hritik asks him why is he insulting his mum and says even you get scared when lights goes, only Malaika comes out. Happu says don’t be Chaudhary, if I used get scared then wouldn’t be in Police. Ranbir says you don’t deserve to be a constable. Happu says all are taking training to insult me. Rajjo scolds Ranbir and asks him to have food silently. Chamchi takes rajjo’s side. Happu asks her to have food silently.

Later Chamchi tells hritik that Papa insulted Mamma. Hritik says they tell that I am spoilt. Chamchi says the same. Malaika comes there. The kids tell that they will take revenge from Papa. Kamlesh comes there and asks about the revenge. Ranbir says they are thinking how to take revenge from Papa. Kamlesh asks why? Hritik says he has insulted mummy. Kamlesh thinks this is a good chance to take revenge from him. He says it is necessary to teach a lesson to the person insulting woman. Hritik says tonight they will show Papa, what the fear is. Malaika asks how? Hritik makes a plan. Malaika says I will not support you. Hritik says please and says it is about mummy’s respect. Malaika says ok. Kamlesh and kids get happy.

Later in the night, Rajjo and Happu are sleeping. Happu wakes up and scratches his hand, says mosquitoes are not letting him sleep. He asks Rajjo why did you switch off the fan? Rajjo says electricity went and asks him to go out, not to spoil her sleep. Happu says alone? And asks her to come with him. Rajjo says you are a misbehaved man. Happu asks her to come.

Dada ji feels hot and asks Amma to wake up and says he is sweating. Amma asks if ghost gets sweating. Dada ji asks her to come out. Happu, Rajjo and kids are sitting outside. Amma asks why did light go? Ranbir says it flickers before it went. Happu asks if Dada ji is here? Amma says yes. Rajjo asks Happu to go out and check the light. Malaika says Bapu will get scared. Kamlesh comes there and asks what they are doing here? Happu says light is not here and asks why did he come? Hritik asks if your house light is also gone. Kamlesh says light will not come all night. Dhaniram comes there and says transformer blasted. Rajjo asks how? Happu says he is Dhani ram and scolds him. Rajjo makes happu sit. Amma says we have to stay here all night. Happu goes inside. Rajjo says she will drop Amma to room. Malaika signs Kamlesh.

All kids with Kamlesh and Malaika get ready to scare happu. Kamlesh asks them to wear bedsheet. He says first I will go, then Malaika and others. Malaika says lets go. Happu and Rajjo are in the room. Happu asks where is the hand fan. Rajjo sleeps. Happu gets up and says mosquitoes are biting. He turns and looks at the white cloth moving in air. He sees five persons in white cloth and tries to wake up Rajjo. Rajjo doesn’t wake up. He runs to Amma and asks her to wake up. Amma says I will not wake up. The kids scare happu. Happu shouts being scared and calls Beni. Amma and Rajjo come out and see happu crying and kids laughing. Light comes back. Happu says they scared me. Rajjo says they are teasing you. Happu says they will take my life and says they tortured me since 6 hours. Amma says you tried to wake me up. Happu says they are not my kids. Hritik says you teased mummy. Malaika says same thing happened with you. Happu says I will complain to your father. Kamlesh says why did you call darpook to didi when you are scared. Electricity goes off. Happu hugs amma being scared. Kids laugh.

Precap: Rajjo scolds Happu for not giving time to her and kids. Happu says you know about my job when we get married and asks what to do. Rajjo asks him to take their lives. Happu says he will go to PS and have food there.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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