Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 22nd June 2021 Written Episode Update: Rajjo goes to her maternal house

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 22nd June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Happu telling Amma that the tea is not made still. Amma tells that she must be on call with her friends. Happu says he will call Rajjo now. He calls Rajjo and asks her to bring tea. Ranbir and Chamchi come there. Ranbir asks her to bring breakfast, as his online class will start. Chamchi says my ribbon is not found. Amma asks why is she not replying. Happu asks Rajjo to come out and bring tea. Hritik comes there and says I got something from your side table. Happu reads Rajjo’s letter that “she is leaving house, as she heard enough of Amma’s taunts. She is taking the triplets along with her.” Ranbir says Mummy ran away. Amma says Rajjo acts for a small thing and says this was taught by Avdesh. Happu blames Amma for her tandav which made his wife ran away. Amma says I never argued and bothered hearing my saas’ taunts. Happu says this house can’t run without Rajjo. Amma says saas bahu drama happens, and asks why did she go? Hritik argues with Chamchi when she takes Dadi’s side. Happu asks what shall I do? Amma says I am here and will make aloo paratha for you, and is not work thief like her. He calls Rajjo, but she rejects his call. Amma asks if he is happy and says if you run behind her, then she will make you dance.

Later Happu tells Beni that shaadi’s laddoo is difficult to digest and tells that Rajjo went to her maternal’s house due to small issue, without informing me. Beni says all women except Vimlesh are same. Happu tells that he is feeling sad for Amma, how she will work in this age. Chamchi comes there and says Amma is calling me. Happu says Amma is worried as I didn’t have food. Chamchi says breakfast is not made still. Dadi asked you both to come to help her in making food. Happu and Beni work in the kitchen. Happu appreciates Rajjo’s efforts and misses her. Resham Pal calls happu and asks where is he? Happu says he is busy in official work. Resham Pal asks him to leave the work and come to the PS. Happu says it will take time for him to reach there. He says I went behind Shakaal and will kill him. Resham Pal says you don’t have to kill him, just catch him. Resham Pal hears cooker whistle. Happu says I whistle it and tells that he will catch Shakaal. Later he gets ready to go to PS and says Rajjo, bye. He then realizes that she is not at home. Kat comes there with Kamlesh. Kamlesh takes his blessings. Happu says black cat crossed my way. Kat says he is my friend Kamlesh. Kamlesh says he didn’t feel bad. Kat tells happu that Sudarshan uncle kicked Kamlesh out of house, so I asked him to stay here in our house. Happu says you said right, this house is not a dharm shala. He says I can’t bear his face. Kamlesh says I will wear mask on my face. Happu asks him to leave. Kamlesh insists to stay in the house and do the work too. Happu refuses to help him. Kat insists.

Happu asks Kamlesh to run away from there. Kat asks Kamlesh not to go and cries. Kamlesh comes to the college and stands outside, asks God why is he born? Kat comes there and says sorry. Kamlesh says I was kicked by my Papa and now your Papa. He says he will go to railway station. Kat says I will not allow you to go there. Kamlesh says there I can sleep peacefully. Kat says you want to lie down on the railway tracks. Kamlesh says no, I want to sleep on the bench. Kat says thank god, you scared me. She says she will think of any idea. Kamlesh says your Papa has problem as I am a boy. He asks God, why he didn’t make her girl? Kat gets an idea and tells Kamlesh. Kamlesh thanks Kat. Kat says no thank and no sorry in friendship. She asks him to come.

Happu is sad in the PS. Manohar asks if he can help him. Happu asks if he can feed him food and then set his mood. Manohar says I can’t as I am straight and I myself is eating in someone’s house. Happu scolds her. Resham Pal’s wife comes there and tells Happu that her husband is having an affair with someone. Happu says you heard it wrong. Resham Pal’s wife says I have an affair. Happu says Sir told me that he is already troubled by his wife that he don’t look at other woman. He then changes his words. Resham Pal’s wife asks Happu to make him understand, else she knows how to teach him. Happu says if I try to make him understand then he will transfer me to such a place, where water is not there. She says if you don’t make him understand then I will get you transferred to such a place. Happu assures to do her work. She goes.

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

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