Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 22nd January 2021 Written Episode Update: Amma reveals her drama with Chedi lal

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 22nd January 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Happu coming to Amma and asks what is she writing. Amma says she will tell later. Happu says I have got your radio repaired. Amma blesses him. Rajjo brings fruit salad for her. Amma gets happy. Happu says he has brought Ram Prasad’s peda also. Amma says your mother has sugar. Happu says it is sugar free. Rajjo says he thinks so much about you. Amma asks what do you need? They ask her to leave Chedi. Chedi lal comes there and brings teddy bear and gifts there. Amma asks about it. Chedi lal says even I have some responsibility. He says he has brought many designer clothes and says he wants their biloti to wear it. Dada ji asks what? Amma says she is talking about baby. Rajjo says we didn’t plan 10th. Amma says I am talking about 2nd child and tells Happu that her brother or sister is coming. Happu asks if she is fine, if she will give birth to a baby in this age. Amma says I will adopt the child and asks them to suggest a good name. She asks Chedi lal to come to room and think of a name. Happu cries.

Rajjo asks Happu if she is taking the family forward or ruining it. Happu cries. Dada ji says even I can’t stop her. Rajjo asks him not to cry. Kamlesh comes to meet Kat indisguise of a girl. Malaika appreciates his looks. Kat shows her hand and tells Kamlesh that her hand is dead rose now. Kamlesh holds her hand. Dada ji comes there. Malaika and other kids tell that they are missing their Dada ji. Chamchi cries. Kat says once Dadi adopts our small uncle then..Chanchi says then she will forget us. Dada ji says why didn’t I die, then thinks he is already dead. He asks Malaika to beat him, but she couldn’t hear him. Rajjo calls them downstairs. They all go down. Kamlesh asks them to adopt a girl and says he will dance.

Everyone comes down. Amma asks lawyer to say. Lawyer shows the will papers. Amma says I will read my “will” before everyone, in which she declares that she is giving her house, property and all wealth to Chedi lal. Happu, Rajjo and others are shocked. Amma says if anyone misbehaves with Chedi ji then he will throw them. Rajjo says I agree that I scolded you, but don’t do this. Dada ji says punish me and not them. Amma says I am upset with everyone here. Happu asks her to vent out her anger on him. Dada ji says he will break the friendship with Rosy and asks her not to give house and property to Chedi lal. Rajjo says this is a shocking thing for us, where we will go. Amma and Chedi lal laugh and says this is her drama with Chedi lal. She tells everything. Happu scolds Chedi lal. Chedi lal says Kattu asked me…Amma slaps him. Chedi lal says Chachi agreed me to do this. Happu whispers something in his ears, and he goes. Dada ji gets upset and goes. Amma asks him to stay.

Later in the night, Amma drinks wine and thinks where is Happu’s father. Dada ji comes there and says I have married Rosy. Amma gets shocked. Dada ji tells that he made Rosy as his sister and she made me her brother. Amma says you have done the right thing. Amma asks why did you lie before? Dada ji says he was teasing her. Amma scolds him. Dada ji says sorry. Amma asks him to obey her from now. Dada ji says I will make everyone as my sister. She asks him to come near her and gives him flying kiss. He says I love you. She says I love you too.

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

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