Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 22nd April 2021 Written Episode Update: Happu and Amma try to stop Rajjo’s business

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 22nd April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Rajjo telling Happu that she has promised herself that she will not get angry with him, while she was sleeping alone. Happu says he has back pain since he was sleeping on floor. Rajjo says she will get his pain go. Happu says he came to know why she wants to open the tiffin centre, as she wants to help Dhoomar bhaiyya. Rajjo asks how did you know. Happu says he knows that she wants to help Dhoomar, as he lost money in gambling. Rajjo asks if you have problem? Happu tells that he wants her to take money from her and help Dhoomar. He asks her not to tell Amma. Rajjo calls Amma and informs her that Happu wants to give 50000 to her, as he believes that Dhoomar helped them. Amma slaps Happu. Happu runs away. Rajjo makes food and gets the tiffin ready. Malaika appreciates Rajjo for the fast cooking. Kat tells that she will not work until Kamlesh works for them. Rajjo asks Kamlesh to deliver the tiffins. Kamlesh asks if I will hold them then how will I drive. Rajjo asks Malaika to go, but she refuses. Beni comes there. Rajjo asks him to go, but he refuses and goes. Rajjo sends Kat with Kamlesh. Malaika tells Amma that Rajjo has made the tiffins fast. Rajjo gets Dhoomar’s call and tells that she will help him with her money. She then asks Malaika to bring two more tiffins. Amma calls Happu and asks him if he has done her work. happu says just as I get the chance, I will talk to Rajjo.

Amma tells that her respect is getting ruined. Happu says I tried, but. Amma emotionally blackmails him taking Dada ji’s name and counting his sacrifices. Dada ji says Kattu. Amma says more lies. Dada ji calls her. Happu says he will do something and whispers something in Manohar’s ears. Manohar says he has no petrol in bike. Happu asks him to go by walk. Manohar stands on the road and stops kamlesh’s bike. He asks them to show the licence of their business. Kamlesh says you are messing me with happus’s family. Kamlesh offers bribe. Manohar takes it and let them go. Resham Pal comes home. Rajjo and the kids greet him. Resham Pal asks her to bring tea and pakoda. Rajjo asks why are you asking it at this time. Resham Pal says his wife went to her mayka and he can’t have outside food. Hritik asks him to take tiffin from Rajjo. Resham Pal gets happy and talks to his wife asking her to stay in mayka for 2 months. The kids ask for money. Rajjo gives 500 Rs. Amma comes to the PS. Manohar comes there and greets Amma. Amma asks why you came empty handed. Manohar says he brought bribe and gives 100 Rs share to happu and keeps 200 Rs. Amma asks where are the tiffins? Manohar says this is the bribe for the tiffins. Amma slaps him.

No precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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