Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 21st July 2021 Written Episode Update: Happu and Kamlesh misunderstand Rajjo and Kat to be Naagin

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The Episode starts with Happu telling beni about Naagin troubling him and says since he got the havan done, she is not seen. Kamlesh comes there and tells that Naagin is after me. Happu says we got the havan done. Just then Naagin comes there. Beni, Happu and Kamlesh look at Naagin from the window. Happu asks Kamlesh to call Snake charmer and asks why they are seeing Naagin again. Snake charmer picks the call. Happu asks why Naagin is seeing again. Snake Charmer asks him to get havan of 25000 Rs. Happu asks for discount. Snake Charmer refuses. Beni scolds Snake charmer and ends the call. He asks Happu and Kamlesh to go.

Kat tells Malaika that she will beat Kamlesh so bad. Rajjo comes there and asks her to have milk. Kat says my mood is bad due to Kamlesh. Malaika asks Rajjo if she is her step daughter. Rajjo scolds her. Malaika takes the milk. Kat says she will drink this milk and takes the glass. She tastes the milk and burns her tongue. Rajjo says it is not that hot. Malaika goes to get milk for herself. Rajjo tastes it and burns her tongue too. Kat asks her to cool the milk. Rajjo goes. Amma thinks why shall I listen to bahu. Dada ji comes there. Amma calls him darling while talking. Dada ji is surprised. Amma asks why did you come so late in night. Dada ji asks her to do Naagin dance. Amma dances on Naagin song.

Dada ji also dances. Happu sees Amma dancing on Naagin sound and gets shocked. He thinks if Naagin came in Amma’s avatar. Amma acts to bite him. Happu runs out afraid. He thinks if he had stayed for more time, then Amma would have bite him. He calls Snake Charmer and asks him to do havan, tells that he will send money online. Snake Charmer says he will do in morning. Happu says if Naagin kills me in night and asks him to tell mantra to identify the naagin. Snake Charmer says the icchadhari naagin will take her/his tongue out. He ends the call. Rajjo comes there and asks him to drink milk. She takes out her tongue out. Happu thinks Naagin came in Rajjo’s disguise and asks her to keep the glass. Rajjo sits on the bed. Happu is scared and imagines Naagin instead of Rajjo. He runs out of room, calling Amma. Rajjo asks if I am looking like Amma.

Chamchi feels sympathy for Dadi and Papa. Rajjo comes there and take out her tongue. Hritik says she is looking like Naagin. Rajjo asks them to have breakfast and then milk. Chamchi refuses. Rajjo asks them to drink silently. Hritik says we will drink milk later. Rajjo says we shall play a game and asks them to lick the milk and drink, and says whoever drinks first, will get two chocolates. The kids agree. Rajjo teaches them to lick the milk. They lick and drink the milk. Happu comes there and gets shocked. He thinks why they are drinking milk like snake kids, thinks naagin brought her kids along with her. Happu calls Kamlesh. Kamlesh asks why did you call me, crime in partner. Happu tells Naag and Naagin are in his house. Kamlesh says we shall know in whose body, it is in. Happu tells that Naagin takes out her tongue often and asks him not to come out of house. Happu then comes to his kids and get afraid, runs away. Kat falls down while taking selfie. Malaika asks her to get up. She asks why are you taking tongue in and out of her mouth. Kat says her tongue is burnt. She says Kamlesh is coming to take her to watch movie. Kat sits on his back side. She takes out her tongue out. Kamlesh thinks she is Naagin and asks her not to bite him. She asks him to get down from his bike. Kat gets down and asks what is going on? Kamlesh says I don’t want to take risk. Kat asks what nonsense? Kamlesh diverts her and runs away. Kat is angry.

Happu and Kamlesh meet the Snake charmer. Snake Charmer pretends to talk to Naagin and asks her to go away from them. He tells Happu that he will do havan and asks for money. Kamlesh asks Happu to pay half. They pay half to Snake charmer. Happu asks Snake Charmer to do havan. Happu asks if I see Naagin before the havan. Snake Charmer gives them flute and asks them to play the flute, if Naagin comes infront of them. Happu asks then what you will do. Snake Charmer says I will do havan and leaves.

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

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