Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 21st February 2020 Written Episode Update: Resham Pal becomes Commissioner again

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Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 21st February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Happu scolding Resham pal for coming late. Rajjo gives tiffin to Resham pal for Happu. Happu scolds him and asks him to follow his orders and keeps his head low. Amma comes there and says he is suiting in Commissioner’s clothes. Happu says his soul was of Commissioner always. He says he needs Amma’s blessings, Rajjo’s love and kids support. He tells that he is going to PS and asks Resham pal to follow him. Rajjo tells Amma that she couldn’t sleep at night. Amma says if Happu comes to know then he will not spare us. Amma asks Beni to save them. Beni asks shall I make ring out of the necklace and tells that he couldn’t sleep all night and was restless. He says a big loss had happened and tells that Happu doesn’t know about it. Amma asks him to help her and says you are like my son. She asks him to act as stealing the necklace hiding his face and then Happu will think that necklace is stolen. Beni says I will do your work. Amma says you are like my son. Beni says I am seeing what you have done with your son, don’t call me son. He goes. Amma says he will do our work.

Kat is making Kamlesh’s painting on the canvas and says you are looking handsome. Kamlesh sings song. Kat makes the painting. Later in the night, Happu asks Amma to ask how was his day as Commissioner? Amma asks him. Happu says just as his came, everyone was saluting at him in the Police station. Beni comes there hiding his face and asks Amma to give her jewellery. Happu asks her to give. Rajjo says we will give. Amma is about to give red bag to Beni, when Malaika comes and beats him with a stick. She unmasks him. Happu sees Beni and beats him. Malaika scolds Beni. Beni asks him to ask Amma and Rajjo who asked him to do this. Resham pal comes there in Commissioner’s uniform and tells that he has arrested all the fake company fraudsters with all the stuff. He says your Amma and wife’s stuff is also seized. He says I am Commissioner and you are…Happu says Inspector. Resham pal asks Happu to come to PS in the morning, apologize to his wife and take his wife and Amma’s jewellery.

Kat is still making the painting and asks Kamlesh not to move. Kamlesh is very tired. Kat says she has given finishing touch to the painting. Kamlesh gets up and comes near the canvas to see the painting. Kat closes his eyes and asks him to see the painting. He is shocked to see the painting. Kat asks how is it? Kamlesh says really, my eyes are bursting. Kat gets happy and asks him to take it home. Kamlesh goes to a distance and says it is bakwas. Kat gets sad and throws the painting.

In the morning, Amma asks Rajjo if Happu said something in night. Rajjo says he was silent and is upset that why didn’t I tell him before. Amma tells that he will be fine today and says he likes gajar ka halwa. Rajjo says she has kept it on gas 1 and a half hour before. Amma says it is good and tells that she will go to temple and will pray that greed don’t come in our hearts and no thief comes in our lawn. Malaika and Kat come to have food. Rajjo says she is making gajar ka halwa. Happu comes there and asks if Rajjo ka halwa is ready. He asks Amma to go to temple and do penance for her greed. He scolds Malaika and then taunts Rajjo for her overconfidence. Rajjo says she is making halwa. Happu says she is confident that it will be made by itself. He asks about the kids. Rajjo says they are having their extra class? Kat says she will go and check. Happu tells that that crow will come there and you will sit and leave with him. He says I will see.

Principal loses in the game and gives his watch and ring. Happu comes there and scolds the kids for spoiling the Principal. He asks whose watch is this? Principal says it was of mine, something now. But they have won now. Happu scolds the kids and asks them to come home. He asks if they will become 25 years from 5 years due to his scolding and says if a father can’t scold you. The kids gets emotional and hugs him. Principal checks the bowls and there is no coin under any of the bowl. He gets shocked.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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