Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 20th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Amma and Rajjo hide the truth from Happu

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Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 20th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Amma and Rajjo regret to get trapped by the scheme. Amma says if anyone will know then they will think that she should be religious rather than getting ready about money. She says it is like they searched a snake and got them bitten. Beni calls the agent and hears the thanking voice message. He says we shall tell Happu. Amma says we can’t tell him. Beni says this is Kalyug. Rajjo says I don’t want to hurt him, this is my love. Beni says this is regret. He says you have laid a trap against your son. Happu comes home in Commissioner’s uniform and Resham Lal as Constable. Rajjo asks Resham lal to sit and calls him sir. Happu says I am sir and asks her to sit. He tells that big ministers came to know about his talent and made him commissioner. Amma says it is a good news and takes off the bad sight from him. Happu asks if she is not happy and doubts his talent. Amma says I was telling that there is nobody like Happu in this city. Rajjo says yes. Happu says I doubt you too and asks why is she sad? Rajjo tells that she was in the kitchen and cooking.

Happu asks Resham lal to give Sweets to Rajjo and tells Amma that once Commissioner asked him to alert them against the fraud company, saying you are illiterate. He tells Resham lal that Amma and Rajjo hold the money with their teeth and don’t give anything to anyone. He tells Amma that Resham lal’s wife was duped by the company badly. Resham lal calls his wife and tells that she has looted him. happu asks him to go home and come tomorrow on time. He asks him to say Jai hind and goes. Resham lal goes. Beni tries to tell Happu. Amma stops him. Happu asks Rajjo to make Paneer.

Kat asks Malaika what she shall do in life. Malaika asks her to find her interest. Kat says she don’t want to do any work, just wants to become famous. Malaika says then you can’t become famous. Kamlesh comes there. Malaika asks what happened to his head. Kamlesh tells that wall fell on his head. Malaika says she will thank the wall. Kamlesh tells Kat that architect job is very risky. He asks her to become Painter. Kat asks how I will become Painter and tells that I used to do art when I was of Chamchi’s age. Kamlesh asks her to become famous painter. Malaika asks him to tell famous painter’s names. Kamlesh tells about MF hussain, Picasso. Malaika says paintings get sold in crores. Kat says she will practice and tells that she doesn’t know that talent lies inside her. Malaika asks them to be quiet and let her study.

Happu comes to Rajjo and asks if he shall massage her head. Rajjo says I am happy. Happu tries to cheer her. Rajjo says I will bring water for you. Happu says I know you get upset when I scold you, but I think in the Police station that you are very understanding, good and intelligent wife, and because of her, he got the promotion. Happu says his wife has beauty with brains and says he is very happy today. He massages her.

Hritik, Ranbir and Chamchi are playing outside, when Principal comes there and tells that he wants to play that game again. Hritik and Ranbir tell that they have to go home. Principal gives them 100 Rs. Ranbir says you will get 300 Rs if you win.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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