Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 20th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Commissioner agrees to stop Happu’s transfer

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 20th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Commissioner telling Amma that her elder son is Happu. Amma tells that Happu is her second son. She tells Resham Pal that he is her eldest son. Amma tells that your father was Munim of a big riyasat and one day, goons attacked our house. Happu asks then what? Amma says they were after our lives, I was running here and there, I took my eldest son in the basket and left in the river. She tells that both Happu and my eldest son have the same mark on the chest. Resham Pal and Happu see each other’s marks and hug each other. Resham pal meets everyone in the family and hugs Amma calling her Maa. Pandit ji goes. Rajjo brings tea for them and calls her jeth ji. Resham Pal tells that bahu eats food in the last. Happu calls Resham pal as Pappu Bhaiyya. Resham Pal asks him not to call him Pappu in the Police station. Ranbir asks how did you become Commissioner? Hritik says just like Papa became Inspector. Amma says he must have studied so much that he had become Commissioner. Malaika says she will not call her Tau ji, but only Commissioner as she has heart to heart relation with Police team. Amma tells that she is very happy to get her son Pappu. Resham Pal says I am also very happy to get you all. Happu tells that they are getting separating soon too. Kat tells the same. Amma tells that he is her son here. She says I am in dilemma, if Happu goes to Babrala and you stay here, then I will stay with whom? She asks him to stop Happu’s transfer. Resham Pal says it is his left hand’s work. Beni comes there.

Happu comes there and tells that he is his Pappu bhaiyya. Beni says I never thought that I will call you Pappu. Resham Pal tells that he hates lawyers and asks him to go. He says he will rule in the house and not Happu. Amma asks Beni to go. Happu asks Resham Pal to make a call after drinking tea. Later in the evening, Hritik asks for mango achaar. Rajjo says it is finished. Resham pal says he likes it. Amma asks her to bring from fridge. Resham Pal asks for more rotis. Happu gives him two rotis more. Amma thinks he looks thin, but eating 10-12 rotis. Resham Pal says food is tasty and he will have more food. Rajjo brings acchar. Amma and Happu tell that they have finished their dinner. Resham Pal says he will enjoy the food made by bahu. Amma asks Happu to drop him home. Resham Pal tells that his wife has gone to her mayka for 2 months and that’s why he will stay here from now onwards. The kids tell that there is no vacant room in the house. Happu says there is a problem of space due to more kids in his house. Resham Pal asks him not to worry and tells that he will sleep in Amma’s lap. Happu and Amma are shocked. Happu comes to Beni and tells that he felt bad when Commissioner scolded him. He says Resham Pal told that he will stay here until his wife comes. Beni says even Khodi Chacha never stopped me from coming to his house. He gets upset and says he will not tolerate him. Happu asks him to calm down and says your insult is mine. He says I am going now and ask him to take a deep breathe. Beni says he has insulted a lawyer, mean law. Happu says Resham Pal didn’t go beyond Commissioner’s job as he is stupid. Beni asks him to go out and says I will drink with Vimlesh.

Resham Pal sleep on Amma’s lap. Dada ji talks to Amma and asks what a stranger man is doing on your lap? Amma says he is sleeping. Dada ji asks if you didn’t feel shame? Amma says to stop the transfer. Dada ji asks if this was necessary. Amma says if this was not necessary then I wouldn’t have done this. Dada ji says you shall get ashamed. Amma says that he is not stranger, I think him as my son pappu and I am his Amma. Resham Pal wakes up and thinks to whom Amma is talking to. Amma asks him to sleep. Resham Pal gets up and asks to whom you are talking? Amma tells that she was talking to his father, sometimes he comes to meet me. Resham Pal gets shocked and runs from there. Amma takes a sigh of relief. Resham Pal comes to Happu’s room and tells him that there is a ghost in Amma’s room. Happu says he is a positive ghost and comes to motivate us. Rajjo says he is a family man. Resham Pal says I will not go there and says Rajjo will sleep there, and I will sleep here with you. Happu says we will sleep outside and Rajjo will sleep here.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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