Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 20th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Rajjo to start catering business

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 20th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Hritik asking Rajjo to give him something and tells that he couldn’t win due to the cheater cock. Rajjo tells them that she wants to talk to them and tells that Happu is burdened by the expenses of the house and says she wants to help him and do some business. The kids asks which business and gets excited. Hritik suggests an idea which she don’t like. Malaika asks her to start tiffin centre. Rajjo says it is a good idea and says she was thinking how she got this idea. She tells that she is feeling good and was in tension. Chamchi asks her to make something sweet. Rajjo says she will make almond kheer. Chamchi asks her to add cashew nuts. Rajjo says Amma ate it. Later she informs Amma that she is starting catering business. Amma asks what is it? hritik says you are far behind the era. Rajjo says she will earn money and will become rich. Chamchi says mummy will become a business woman soon. Amma asks what was the need to do work. she says house is running nicely. Rajjo says she wants the house to run fastly and wants to help Happu. Kat says very soon mummy will walk with father. Ranbir says we are with mummy. Rajjo thanks her kids. Malaika says lets go from here.

Happu gets Amma’s call and asks if everything is fine. Amma says your wife creates new problem. Happu asks what? Amma says your wife is staring business and asks why is she doing this? happu says this is a good idea. Amma gets upset with her and tells that she will taunt me more if she starts her own business. Happu says if you want me to make Rajjo understand then calm down, once coming home, I will talk to her. Amma says ok. Manohar coughs.

Kamlesh comes to Kat and shows the flower. Kat asks if he wants to fool her. She scolds him for breaking her trust and asks him to go. Kamlesh says he will hide his face. Kat calls him black spot on the name of friendship. Kamlesh asks for forgiveness. Kat says you are no longer my friend and you are stranger now. Kamlesh asks how can you say this? Kat asks him not to come to her house, as there is no entry for him now.

Rajjo comes to Beni and says she has some work with him. Beni says we are friends and you are my would be sister in law. Rajjo asks what? Malaika says I will say if mummy can’t. Rajjo says she thought to start her own business. Beni asks her to lessen her expenses, so that Happu’s lakhs of rs will be saved. Malaika says Mummy wants to start tiffin centre business. Beni asks what does she want? Rajjo asks him to give 25000 Rs. Beni asks her to ask Happu. Rajjo says she can’t take it from Happu. Beni says I can’t give without asking Happu. Malaika comes to him and blackmails him in the name of Vimlesh. Beni says he will give 30000 Rs. Rajjo asks him to bring 1 kg Paneer and says Vimlesh likes it. Beni says he will make paneer pakoda.

Happu comes home. Rajjo informs him about tiffin centre business. Happu gets irked with her and tells that he don’t want her to do any business, and asks her to just concentrate on home. Rajjo says I know who has provoked you. She asks him to take his stuff and leave from home. She shows the knife to scare him. Happu goes to change his clothes in bathroom. Rajjo cuts an apple and says an apple a day keeps the doctor away.

Amma drinks wine and dances. Dada ji says whenever I see you, I remember Renu. Amma asks who is this witch? Dada ji says she is in the sky flying. Amma says I will cut your feathers. Dada ji says I will not talk to you. Amma sings song to please him. Dada ji asks her to come with him. Happu says Amma, I am coming to your room to sleep, as Rajjo kicked me. Dada ji asks her to stop Happu. Amma tells Happu that she is solving his father’s problem and asks him to go and sleep with kids. Happu says he will go to beni’s house and sleeps.

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

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