Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 1st August 2019 Written Episode Update: Amma and Rajjo learn English and etiquette

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 1st August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Happu coming home. Rajjo asks shall I get water for you and opens his shirt button. She says you are sending me to London. Happu asks are you happy now? Rajjo says you love me so much. He gives her ticket. Rajjo says she wants to love him and pushes him on bed. She plays the song and they dance. She closes the door. Next morning, Kamlesh and Kat call Rajjo and Amma for English class. Amma and Rajjo come there. Kamlesh says what you will answer when a britisher ask where is your house? He asks them to write them in their books else they have to give 2000 Rs. Malaika comes there and imagines Amma and Rajjo as poor ladies begging infront of them and Kamlesh as peter son. Malaika comes there and says I heard you torturing my mummy and Dadi. She says she will not leave him and beats him. Amma asks Rajjo to make Malaika leave him. Malaika says I read about him. Rajjo asks did you get mad? He is kamlesh. Kamlesh asks them to take her to good doctor. Amma says you have crushed his lemon and says you did this for 2nd time.

Kat brings Malaika to the doctor and tells that Malaika is imagining two people in one and beating people. Doctor asks about Dadi. Kat says she will go to London in few days. Malaika says he is asking if she is alive or not. Doctor says she is very sharp than you. kat tells about Malaika’s problem. Doctor suggests her to change history with agriculture book. Kids give list to Amma. Amma says she will get something from them. Kat asks Amma to eat with knife and fork. Amma says britishers eat food using knife and fork. Happu asks her to eat food with hand. Amma says Kat knows everything. Kat explains how to eat food.

Rajjo makes food fall on happu. Amma asks her to see how to use it and make the food fall on Rajjo. Happu asks them to eat by hand. Malaika says if they have food by hand then their respect will be ruined in London. Rajjo says I will tell your doings and tells that she is beating Kamlesh very much. Happu asks kids to come out and says we will have food with hands. He says they will get rejected at the airport. Amma says why britishers don’t eat food with hands. Rajjo says weather is cold there, so they don’t need to wash their hands.

Rajjo wears the dress and hat and praises herself standing infront of mirror. She says my mummy would have called me as the britisher. Happu comes there and laughs seeing her. He says you are looking wonderful and says nobody will believe that you are 9 kids’ mother. He asks about the dress. Rajjo tells about the tailor Ram Prakash. Happu says he has magic in his fingers. Rajjo asks him to dance with her. Happu says you are wearing nice clothes and I am wearing lungi. Rajjo says you are looking good. She plays the song on her mobile. Happu and Rajjo dance. Kisi ke haath na….plays.. They dance.

Amma wears the gown and says Ram Prakash is a good tailor and made me britisher. She says if I go out then nobody will identify you. Dada ji asks her not to go out and says dogs will bite your dress thinking you as a cat. Amma calls him ridiculous, stupid, damn fool. She says you always joke. He says I can’t lie. She asks him to go. Dada ji says you are looking as beautiful angrezan. She gets happy and asks him to dance with her. He refuses. Amma insists. Dada ji dances with her. He leaves. Amma thinks this dhokar is very mischievous, he left and I am dancing alone.

Kamlesh comes to beni’s house and asks Amma and Rajjo to come there, says he will not come there fearing Malaika. They go there. Kamlesh says I will teach what is fighting in English? He asks them to say shut up before fighting. Amma says this thing I know and says shut up. He asks her to write down fast. He says 2nd point, ask them to go to Ghuniya. Rajjo says what is Ghuniya in English. Kamlesh asks Kat to say? Kat says I don’t know. Kamlesh says you are my old student.

Precap: Kamlesh asks how you are going to London? Amma says cooker shop sponsored my ticket. Rajjo says my husband bought ticket for me. Amma says I am lucky and you are not lucky.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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