Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 19th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Happu gets his job back

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Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 19th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Happu asking Amma to forward her hand and breaks down, tells that he can’t arrest her. Beni tells that he will go to Commissioner and tell that he had worn Amma’s mask and stolen Sudarshan’s wallet. Rajjo says she will take up the blame. Commissioner comes there and says seeing this, he wants to take the crime on his head and tells that happu is a dutiful son, Beni is a honest friend and Rajjo is also dutiful wife and even the kids are good. He revokes Happu’s suspension and asks him to come for job. Happu gets happy and hugs him. Rajjo sees money lender and asks him why he is here? Money lender tells that he is homeless and searching home. Rajjo looks on.

Kat and Malaika congratulate each other for Happu’s job. Malaika says you got saved from coming to Poor people’s list. Malaika says even I am saved from asking a bribe. Kamlesh comes to Kat and tells that he came to settle the accounts. Kamlesh gives her money which she spent on him. Kat says my father is in Police, I don’t want money. Kamlesh asks what do you want? Kat says you choose me, so I don’t want money. She befriends Kamlesh again. Kamlesh says Kat…

Happu comes to Ranga’s place and asks him to come out, asks until when you will hide in your wife’s pallu. Ranga comes out and tells that he is bachelor. Happu says you must be hiding in your mother’s pallu or sister’s pallu. Ranga says mother is dead and sister eloped. Happu says I came to catch you and touches him. Ranga hits him on his head and Happu comes out from there and falls down in the garbage place. Commissioner and Manohar again find Happu on the garbage place and are shocked.

Later Rajjo is singing song in her room. Happu comes home and praises her singing. Rajjo asks why you didn’t get my album released. Happu says when I can hear you live, why I will get the album made and says your voice will become rough if you sing for album. He says life is good, why I will get the album. Rajjo asks do you think that I am mad and tells him that if he don’t get the album made then? Happu says it is not like that. Rajjo says if you don’t get my album made then I will stop singing. Happu says if you don’t sing then my house becomes silent, inauspicious, sad etc. Rajjo asks why you are saying that this house is yours and scolds him. She says did you say ever that this is your wife’s house. Happu asks what is the big deal? She says she feels that she is Aaya (caretaker). Happu says I never thought this. Rajjo says we will live separately and asks him to leave the house. She ousts Happu from the house. Happu says you are doing wrong. Malaika says if bapu has done any kand. Rajjo hugs Amma and cries. Hritik says Mummy has caught Papa red handed. Rajjo asks Amma to tell what is her position in the house. Amma says you are bahu and malkin of the house. Rajjo says he said that I am nobody in the house. Happu says I praised her and says I told that she is lakshmi of my house. Amma slaps him repeatedly and asks him to say that she is lakshmi of her house. She asks him to leave from Rajjo’s house. Beni comes there and scolds Happu, says he has to do this for Vimlesh. Amma asks Happu to leave. Happu says I will stay in Beni’s house. Amma asks Beni to forget Vimlesh, if he let Happu stay in the house. Beni leaves. Happu says this is wrong. Amma slaps Happu again.

Happu gets upset and says he is Inspector of ghuya. Kamlesh comes there and tells about the bad story. Happu says he is not interested in story and asks him to leave. Kamlesh asks did Rajesh did kick you out of house. Beni says you thought wrong. Kamlesh says my papa kicked me out of house and says my Papa…laughs. Happu asks him to leave. Beni asks him to leave. Kamlesh says I am coming to your house. Beni refuses. Kat comes there and asks Kamlesh what happened? Kamlesh tells that he is homeless. Kat says mother is very angry, but I will try. She calls Rajjo and tells that let Kamlesh stay here. Rajjo says Sudarshan called and asked me not to let him stay here. Beni tells Happu that he is helpless and can’t let him stay in the house.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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