Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 19th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Rajjo to act in play

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Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 19th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Kamlesh and Kat are talking about his father. Malaika comes there and asks what happened? Kamlesh says his father wants him to sit in juice shop for 2 hours and sell juice. Malaika asks what wrong your father is saying and asks him to sit in the juice shop. Kat says no boy can stand infront of him and says Kamlesh is very talented. Kamlesh says why shall I waste my talent and time to sell juice. Malaika says nobody will become an officer speaking some English. Kamlesh doesn’t listen to her. Malaika asks her to do as he thinks. Kat asks Kamlesh to work in juice shop for less time. Kamlesh says I can do anything for you. Chamchi calls Amma and asks her to see her rangoli. Amma comes and says it is beautiful. She calls Rajjo. Rajjo comes there and feels drowsy and keeps her feet on the rangoli before sitting there. Amma and Cahchi are shocked. Amma says you have ruined the rangoli. Rajjo thinks why she felt drowsiness and thinks to meet doctor. She says sorry to Chamchi and goes. Chamchi cries.

Rajjo calls Doctor and asks him to tell what is in her report? Doctor says nothing is fine, your body is drying and the kidneys are becoming lifeless. Rajjo asks him not to give report in her house and says she don’t want her family to know about her illness. She asks him to give report in beni’s house. Doctor says time is less, just few days are left. Rajjo scolds him.

Happu is in the Police station. Manohar greets him and talks without taking a pause. Happu asks him to take a breathe. Manohar speaks continuously mixing the sentence. Happu asks Manohar why didn’t he bring laddo when he got married. Manohar says don’t ask she is chudail. Happu asks him to take a breath and says there is nothing like bhoot or chudail. Manohar says I can’t agree, she is chudail even after you try to make me understand. Happu says you can’t say right and asks him to bring ginger tea. Manohar takes a breathe and goes.

Rajjo comes to Beni’s house. Beni asks what happened? Rajjo says cat got married and asks why did he sleep in day time and snoring. Beni says I was thinking about someone. Rajjo asks her not to talk about Vimlesh and tells that Doctor is coming to his house as she don’t want Amma to know being a heart patient. Doctor comes there. Rajjo asks what is in the report? Doctor says blood is dried in her veins. Rajjo asks him to say haemoglobin is less. She asks what to do. Beni asks her to drink carrot and beetroot juice. Rajjo asks about the medicine. Doctor says you need blessings and asks her to drink pomegranate juice. He says he will go.

Rajjo thanks the God and thinks I was thinking what happened to me. Beni says I have work with you. Rajjo asks him to say. Beni tells that he is taking part in the play in his lawyer’s office. He asks her to play the female lead. Rajjo says she don’t know acting now. Beni says you are a good actor and will catch the play. She asks about her role. Beni says you have to do chudail’s role who drink her husband and saas’ blood. Rajjo asks about husband’s role. Beni says I will do. He asks her to call Vimlesh. Rajjo agrees. Beni gets happy. Rajjo asks about the script. He gives and asks her to drink pomegranate juice.

Amma is standing on the door. Dada ji comes and asks what she is looking at? Amma asks him to stand silently else she will take out his kidneys and play. She says she is waiting for Happu and says he didn’t bring my medicine yet. Dada ji says your liver and kidney will get damaged and asks her not to drink much. Rajjo comes and tells that Happu is in the police station as commissioner stopped him. Amma gets upset. Rajjo gives the drink to her. Amma is angry at Dadaji. Rajjo asks if pita ji is here. She greets him. Dada ji blesses her. Amma asks why it is less? Rajjo says why will I drink this, I can drink blood but not this. Amma asks her not to scare her. Rajjo thinks she is talking about blood due to the play.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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