Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 19th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Happu reveals the truth about bad jokes

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 19th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Beni coming to Rajjo. Rajjo asks why did he became buffalo. Beni says you are intelligent like Vimlesh and asks her to leave sense of humor/joke matter. Rajjo says I don’t want to lose from Amma. Beni says Amma is stubborn and old, and asks her to bend down infront of her. Rajjo asks him to hear his joke and decide. She tells a joke and asks him to tell how is it? Beni says joke was really bad. Rajjo asks him to go and says she will call Vimlesh and asks her not to marry him. Beni says joke was really bad. Chamchi comes to Hritik and tells that she told the kids that she will tell two jokes, but she didn’t know any jokes. Hritik asks him to ask mummy and says her sense of humor is good. Chamchi says mummy’s joke was bad, but Dadi’s joke is good. Hritik says Dadi’s jokes are bad and tells that Malaika and Kat was laughing as they didn’t want to hurt her. Chamchi asks if he wants to say that Dadi’s sense of humor is bad. She says I will tell Dadi. Hritik says I am not afraid of anyone and tells that Dadi’s sense of humor is bad, but Mummy’s sense of humor is really good. Chamchi goes.

Beni meets Happu in the night. They sit to have wine. Happu tells that Amma and Rajjo telling really bad jokes and he is forced to laugh even though he don’t feel like laughing. Beni says he is a good lawyer, but can’t solve such case. He says your house women are not ordinary, but Bhookaali. He says I told truth to you, if you feel bad then drink one more peg. Happu says all women are same in this world. Beni says Vimlesh is not among those women and tells that she is sweet and innocent and 10 steps ahead of Rajesh.

Amma calls Beni and asks if Happu came there. Happu asks him to tell that he is not here. Amma asks him to move the bedsheet. Happu goes inside while Beni lifts the bedsheets. Amma couldn’t see Happu. Amma goes. Happu tells Beni that Amma couldn’t figure out. Rajjo says but I caught you and asks him to come out. Happu tells that he had challenged beni that you will catch me. Rajjo asks him to hide his teeth else she will punch on it. At the dining table, Amma asks everyone to speak or say something. Kat says Shanti is not allowed. Happu tells that Shanti is amma’s friend. Kat says we are talking about peace. Hritik says we don’t understand your English. Rajjo says only Kat or the God can understand.

Happu asks Amma to tell a joke. Amma tells a joke that a husband told his wife that she brought so many clothes for her birthday. Wife asked him to wait and says she will wear it. Happu laughs hearing it and says Amma’s jokes when starts and when ends..? He feels like crying and laughs. He asks Rajjo to tell a joke. Rajjo says once a guy tells a girl that he can’t marry as his family doesn’t accept their marriage. Girl asks who is not approving? The guy says my wife and child. Happu laughs and says sense of humor is wonderful. Amma slaps him and asks why do you lie? She says we told such bad joke and you are laughing. Rajjo says even my joke was bad. Malaika asks him to tell the truth being a honest police officer. Happu tells them that their jokes are very bad with no sense of humor. He says who told you both that you had a great sense of humor and says you have no sense of humor. He says I feel like crying after hearing the jokes. Amma says Happu told the truth.

Amma is hearing sad songs. Happu comes to her and asks if Dokar has broken your heart. Amma slaps him and says when I have such heart breaking children then why Dokar is needed to break my heart. Her husband says I love you. she says I love you too. Happu greets him. Amma asks why did you insult me infront of 5 person. Happu says you had only asked me to say truth. Amma says you would have lied. Her husband asks her to slap him again for insulting her. Happu asks why did you slap me. Happu says I am getting slaps since I came here. He asks her to make his father massage her feet.

Precap: Happu tells Rajjo that they will go out to watch film making an excuse. Amma plans to go to watch film with her (dead) husband making an excuse.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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