Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 18th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Happu refuses to donate blood, being a royal

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The Episode starts with Rajjo asking Happu if he is going to Police station. He says yes and asks her to tie his button. Rajjo ties the button and tells that she is very happy as he is from a royal family. Happu says he always used to think that his Amma is royal. Rajjo asks what to call him, shehzaada or Rajkumar. Happu says you can call me Rajkumar, but call me an ordinary guy. Rajjo apologizes to him and tells that she did a mistake. Happu tells that he is not an ordinary guy anymore. Rajjo tells that she didn’t see more big kingdom than her badampur. Happu says ok. He asks can I romance with you? Rajjo says yes. She asks if your father was real or fake. Happu says I don’t know, I want to romance with you…They play music and dance.

Kamlesh comes to meet Kat. Kat tells that she is having two royal blood, one of badampur and other of Chullu Nagar. Kamlesh says congratulations Kat and tells that he has good news. Kat says you are poor buy. Kamlesh wears the crown and tells that he is not Poor boy, but Prince of Purjapur. He tells that his father doesn’t take money from his grand father Nalli Singh. Kat asks really and asks him to sit. He says you will have three royal blood in yourself if you marry me. Kat gets happy and tells that she will think about it in future, but right now they are best friends.

Makwana and Manohar come to the Police station. Happu asks did you get time to come? Makwana tells that Manohar was busy outside as he organized blood donation camp. Manohar says yes and tells that his wife along with NGO organized the camp. Happu asks with whose permission. Manohar says he has taken Commissioner Saheb’s permission. Makwana asks Happu to give the blood. Happu refuses and tells that he has many reasons not to give blood. Manohar says please. Happu refuses. Makwana says may be he is having a bad disease. Resham Pal comes there and asks Happu why is he shouting at them. Happu tells that two those are under him also. Resham Pal tells that they all come under him. Happu gets up and gives chair to Resham Pal. Resham Pal asks him to donate his blood and tells that someone’s life can be saved. Happu tells that he is the prince and having a royal blood, as his Amma is the princess of Chullu Nagar Kingdom and his wife Rajjo is the princess of Badam Pur kingdom. He asks Resham Pal not to shout at him again and remember that he is the prince. Resham Pal asks him to get the file. Happu tells that he will not bring the file and asks Manohar to bring the file. Happu sits on the chair and asks Makwana to bring Khus Khus sherbet.

Kat sings my parents are royal and asks Kamlesh to sing. Kamlesh sings our friendship is loyal….They play and sing song. Malaika comes there and asks what is happening? Kat tells that Kamlesh is Yuvraj of Purja pur. Malaika says he is lying and shows the receipt of the crown. She says he got it on rent. Kat asks Kamlesh to say the truth. Kamlesh says sorry. Kat tells that she don’t want to talk to him, says you have no value to talk to King Kumari. Kamlesh says sorry. Kat asks Malaika to throw him out. Kamlesh leaves. Malaika says you don’t have any mind. Kat sings my sister is mad.

Ranbir comes to Amma and tells that Hritik is teasing him, calling him Durban. Amma scolds hritik. Hritik says Ranbir doesn’t look like Prince. Amma scolds him and asks him not to say anything to him. Ranbir asks Rajjo to tell something about their Nana. Rajjo tells that her Rajya is small and asks him to ask Amma. Amma says if your Rajya has become small now. Happu asks her to tell the stories of Chullu Nagar. Amma tells that once she was going in Royal cart with 7 horses, when the british soldiers came and surrounded the cart/carriage. She tells that she took out the sword and fought with them. Rajjo tells that she was very sharp and works for their kingdom’s business. Amma tells that her father used to throw the gold coins on the small Rajas like Badampur and other rajas. Rajjo tells that her father never begged infront of anyone. Happu asks if they are praising their own kingdom or making fun. Rajjo goes to bring tea from kitchen.

No Precap.

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  1. Alister La Frenais

    Although the sitcom is very funny, I must mention that the slapping ( violence) that the old woman seems to encourage , together with encouraging the young girl to spy on her mother is not sending out the right message to the younger viewers of the program

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