Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 17th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Amma and Rajjo regret making Achaar

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Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 17th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Kamlesh coming to Kat’s room. Kat asks why did you come here, if blackmailer sees you here. Kamlesh tells that he came to say bye to her. He says our pure friendship will get badnaam. Kat says I can’t live without my good friend. Malaika comes there and asks where is he going? Kamlesh says I will not come here. Malaika asks him to end the melodrama and tells that she was doing drama by calling them as a blackmailer. She shows pic to them. Kat says you was doing this. Malaika says I thought to do some masti. Kamlesh says I was about to leave the city because of this and tells that kidos are having the pic. Malaika says she will handle them.

Amma and Rajjo sit in the hall, giving tashan to each other while playing songs in their tape recorders. Amma asks Rajjo to call Happu and asks him to come. Rajjo says I sent Beni to bring him. Amma says Beni is Happu’s friend. Rajjo says he is my friend too. Amma says he befriended you as you are Vimlesh’s sister. Rajjo says you are right. She tells that she is taking care of her Achaar and waiting for Happu to taste it. Amma says even she is waiting for him to come. Hritik tells Chamchi that until the fight goes on, the soldiers are needed. Chamchi says yes. Hritik and Chamchi argue and then sing while taking care of Rajjo and Amma’s achaar.

Makwana tells Happu that he will go. Happu says go, but I will go later. Makwana asks him not to complain to the commissioner. Happu says I will do that. Beni comes there. Makwana says he is not letting me go. Beni says Amma and Rajjo are waiting for him to taste the achaar. Happu says once I taste it, real achaar will be made then? Beni says black happu’s achaar will be made. Happu says my complexion is fair than yours. Beni says you will be black after beaten up. Amma and Rajjo come there.. Makwana greets her as Mukesh. Happu says Rakesh. Rajjo says she is Rajesh. Happu says yes..Amma tells that they came to take him home to taste the achaar. Happu says he is feeling unwell and can’t taste achaar now. Rajjo keeps gun on his forehead and threatens him to come. Happu says I am unwell.

He comes home. Beni says the two achaars will be tasted and inspected and one of them will be declared as tasty and delicious. Amma asks him to come to the track. Ayushman tells about black carrot. Rajjo asks Hritik to blindfolds Happu. He blindfolds Happu. Beni asks him to say how many fingers, he can see. Happu says two. Beni says when you can’t see, then why you are saying. Chamchi makes Happu taste both the achaars, one after the another. Happu finds difficult to digest both. Beni says I will not tell that the first achaar is of Rajjo or not. Happu finds himself in a tight spot when they ask him to tell. Happu gets mirgi/ epileptic attack. They all get shocked and calls the doctor. The doctor asks if he was stressed and says he has eaten the poison. Rajjo and Amma tell that he had eaten black carrot achaar. Doctor checks it and says it is poison for Happu. Rajjo and Amma regret to make black carrot achaar. Beni asks them to make mango pickle. Rajjo says I will never make achaar in my life again. Beni asks them to go out and locks the door. Happu gets up and laughs. Beni appreciates his acting skills and asks Happu to give 500 Rs to doctor. Happu gives him the money. Doctor asks can I take the black carrot achaar to my house. Happu says yes and asks him to taste it. Doctor tastes it and says it is tasty. Just then he gets epileptic attack and falls on Happu. They are shocked.

Kamlesh comes to room and asks Malaika where is Kat? Malaika says I don’t know? Kamlesh asks if she became kidnapper from blackmailer. Kat comes there. Kamlesh asks if her conscience is not bothering her. Malaika says I will not apologize to you. Kat asks her to say sorry. Malaika says sorry. Kamlesh says look at her face. Malaika gets angry and beats him.

Precap: Rajjo gets upset with Amma and takes out her anger on Happu.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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