Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 17th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Happu gets upset about extravagant expenses

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Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 17th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with happu appreciating Amma for handling the expenses with less money. He says I have always said that house can run even in small budget if one manages it well. Rajjo says I spent wisely this time, but one thing was left. Happu asks what? Rajjo says milk bill 4000, electricity bill 4500, Hritik’s shoes 2000. Happu notes it down. Amma tells that she has bought saree. Kat tells that she has bought online stuff 2500. Malaika says she has bought shoes of 3500. Ranbir tells had bought headphones of 1000 Rs. Chamchi says she needs money as her pocket money ended. Happu gets angry at Amma, Rajjo and the kids for the extravagant expenses and asks what was the need to buy the things. He asks Amma what was the need to buy costly saree. He then asks Rajjo what did she brought shoes for Hritik. He asks Malaika to see how Haryana police works. He scolds Hritik for the shoes. Hritik says I am your son and not of Beni. Happu says nobody is sympathetic towards me and says he earns money with much hardwork. He asks them to go and earn money.

Amma asks Happu why he is talking like that with his children. Happu says you are the one who bought expensive saree and don’t do anything than badmouthing about others. Amma cries and asks Dada ji why didn’t he take her with him. happu asks didn’t you see that I have lost my hairs to take care of everyone. He scolds Rajjo also. Rajjo tells Amma that Happu would have talked to them alone and not infront of kids. Amma says she wants to earn money. Karishma comes there and asks them to have laddoo. Amma asks if there is any goodnews? Karishma says no. Amma says good news means that in our house. Rajjo tells her that there is problem handling the expenses. Karishma tells that there is scheme and tells that give your gold and get it back double. Rajjo asks who is this baba who is duping people. Karishma tells that a company is offering this and tells that when you give them jewellery, they mortgaged it and invest the money in other business. She says when they get returns, they give you double gold. Rajjo and Amma are surprised.

Kat cries in the room and tells that her expenses are very high. Kamlesh asks her not to cry. Kat says my father has made me poor from rich. Kamlesh says I am poor, but I have bike. Kat tells him that father told that they are all mean and love him for money. Kamlesh jokes. Kat says this is not the right time to crack jokes. She says she don’t want to take money from father and wants to earn money. Kamlesh asks what do you want to do and says I will help you. Kat says I want to become rich and says what shall I do? Kamlesh says you shall think about your career, but before that you have to think what is your interest? He asks her to decide what she wants to become in her life. Kat asks him to say. Kamlesh asks him to become a doctor. He says whenever people are ill, they come and give money. He tells that his papa is surviving with one kidney. Kat says I will earn the money.

Ranbir, hritik and Chamchi are walking on the road. Chamchi says we can have chocolate bought before his scoldings. Hritik says if we don’t have any respect and says everyone scold us thinking us as child. He says Papa slapped me so hard that I am very hurt. Ranbir asks where did he slap you? Hritik says I am talking about insult. Chamchi says even she is hurt. Ranbir says we shall get money to go to school. Hritik says they shall earn money for Papa, so that they can give money to say and say that they are not worktheft. Chamchi says how to become that?

Happu talks to someone in the police station. Beni comes there. Happu asks the person to keep the phone down. Beni says if someone has lost something then will call you only. Happu asks him to go and search it. beni says I am asking how you are, being your friend who used to take bath with you in one tank. Happu asks him not to say loudly. Beni asks what happened? Happu tells that he got angry at everyone so much. He says it is not my mistake as everyone spends so much. He tells that he was in love after marriage and gave birth to so many kids, he says he should have stopped at 3-4 kids. Beni says they should understand that they shall have limited expenses. Happu says when they were born, they say the first word Papa and called you Chacha. Beni says your kids shall take care of you and says it is not like that that money is falling from your ears’ plant. Happu says you said right. Beni says your family shall not spend money unnecessarily and asks him to give 10000 Rs for buying googles. Happu shows him door.

No precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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