Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 16th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Amma’s trunk gets stolen

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 16th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Manohar bringing the guy to Happu who can do his promotion. Happu says I didn’t identify you and tells that Manohar praised you a lot. The guy says he deserves to be praised. Happu asks to whom you have promoted till now. The guy looks in his mobile and tells about the names of the person whom he helped to get promotion. He asks Happu to give him 5 lakhs Rs. Happu offers the money. The guy asks if this is 5 lakhs? Happu says it is 1100 Rs, token money. The guy asks why he called him if he couldn’t arrange money. He asks Manohar to call him when Happu brings the money. He says when you give the money then your promotion letter will be printed. Happu says how much money to be arranged? Manohar calculates and tells him. Happu tells Rajjo that she is ACP’s wife. Rajjo gets happy. Happu says people will call me ACP. Rajjo says she will be called as ACP’s wife. Happu tells that he will enjoy with her. Rajjo says how, as Chamchi is not giving is trunk keys. Happu says I will steal her trunk. Rajjo says Kamlesh is the body guard. She tells her idea to Happu and calls Kat. Kat comes there and asks what is happening? Rajjo asks her to talk in hindi. Kat asks what happened? Rajjo asks Kat to take Kamlesh out tonight. Happu asks what are you saying? Rajjo asks her to divert Kamlesh so that they can steal Amma’s trunk. Kat says you want me to help you. Happu gives her money to buy nail polish. Kat gets ready to help him. Rajjo tells that she will not give the milk to him tonight, as if he drinks then he can’t sleep.

Kat comes to Kamlesh. Chamchi sends Kamlesh out with her. Kat thanks her. She takes him outside the house and tells that he is not coming to her window to meet him. Kamlesh tells that he has a big responsibility on his head. A drunkard comes there and sits there.. Ranbir and Hritik come to steal the trunk wearing monkey caps. Kat dances with Kamlesh to stop him from going back. Rajjo and Happu come there. Happu checks for the trunk, but couldn’t find it. They run when Chamchi turns in sleep. Kat and Kamlesh run seeing the drunkard. Rajjo tells that Chamchi told clearly that she will not give the money and that’s why she hid it. Kat comes to them and asks about the trunk. Rajjo tells that it was missing. Kat says your plan was flop. Happu asks who asked you to dance. Kat says she had no option. Happu says you could have stop him using other ways. Kat goes to sleep. Happu asks who asked her to dance. Rajjo beats him.

Ranbir and hritik come out with the trunk. A thief steals their trunk and leaves. Hritik cries. Chamchi scolds Kamlesh and tells that Dadi’s trunk went missing. Rajjo says how did it go missing? Chamchi asks Kamlesh, how did the trunk go missing?

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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