Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 16th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Rajjo gets upset with Happu

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 16th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Rajjo asking Happu, why is he happy today? Happu tells that he used to like Kavita and used to wait outside her house to get even her glimpse. He says I was running a lot to see her. Rajjo says if I see her, then I will scratch her face. Happu asks her if she liked someone before marriage. Rajjo says I had a friend Rahul, who was a good friend, then he left, don’t know where is he now. Happu says you got successful and got me. Rajjo says you have a misunderstanding. Happu says you might have never thought that I will give you 9 kids. Rajjo says she is taking care of his kids and asks him not to compare her to Kavita. She says you would have got puja done, so got such a beautiful wife, calls him teli Ram. Happu says he is upset and will sleep.

In the morning, Hritik asks Rajjo to bring the breakfast. Happu comes there and sits. Hritik says they have online classes from today. Rajjo comes there. Amma asks why is she shouting? Happu asks Rajjo to give breakfast to Amma. Rajjo says she gave food to them first as they are having online classes.

Amma asks Happu to control Rajjo. Rajjo asks them to call the Servant and get their work done. Amma says my sugar level has increased. Happu says she would have threw the bred for you.

Later Happu tells Beni that Rajjo feels bad for small things. He says Kavita had come to file complaint in the PS. Beni asks did you tell Rajjo about her? Happu says I told her about Kavita coming to PS. He says when I asked if she liked someone before marriage. Beni asks if she took Rahul’s name. Happu says if he knows Rahul. Beni says Rajjo and Rahul was in love like romeo Juliet. Happu asks him not to lie. Beni swears on him. Happu thinks Rajjo hid this from me.

He paan seller reads a news and tells Beni and Happu, that a lady escaped with her childhood lover, leaving her husband. Kamlesh comes to Kat. Kat asks what happened to you. Kamlesh says old problem. Kat says if you don’t want to tell then I will leave. Kamlesh says my Papa is running behind me, washing his hands. Kat asks why? Kamlesh asks God to give him good idea. Kat gets her friend’s call and asks her to trap her friend in the net. Kamlesh gets an idea and tells Kat that unique idea came in her mind. He tells that you gave good idea to your friend and tells that they shall start this business to help people and get money. Kat says what we shall name the company. Kamlesh says loveguru phonepe. Kat says I am loving you my best friend. Kamlesh says jai mata rani ki. Happu gets Rajjo’s call, she tells that his bad time will start now. Happu says you knows well, how much I miss you. Rajjo asks do you remember which color saree, I was wearing today. Happu says yellow, with pink lines. He says my love color is dark. Rajjo says why am I here, and asks her to take care of PS and be with Beni. Happu asks for a chance. He asks her to get ready in the evening and they will go out today. Rajjo says she doesn’t trust him, but giving him a chance for the last time. Resham Pal and Manohar come there. Happu says Jai hind. Resham Pal cries and hugs him. Happu asks why is he crying? Manohar says I had gone to take samosa and found him crying. Resham Pal tells Happu that his wife is having an affair. Manohar says Commissioner Saheb is not young. Happu asks Manohar to keep finger in his ears. Happu tells Resham Pal that he knows someone who gives medicines to solve his problem. Resham Pal says he needs wine now to get rid of his problems. Happu says he can’t come. Resham Pal says it is an order. Manohar says I want to come with you.

Later Resham Pal is hearing the sad song in his house and Happu is sitting by his side. Happu tells Resham Pal that he needs to go. Resham Pal stops him. Happu goes to side and makes a call to Rajjo. He tells that when he was leaving, a criminal escaped. He says she has nabbed the criminal and is at the PS. Rajjo asks then who is in Resham Pal’s house. She says she has caught his lie and tells that Manohar picked my call and told that you are partying in Resham Pal’s house.Happu says he is doing his duty. Rajjo says she is going for outing now and asks him not to come near her. She ends the call.

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

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