Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 15th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Rajjo turns out to be a Princess of Badampur

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 15th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Amma askin Happu about the food. Happu tells that he liked it. Rajjo asks him not to agree to Amma’s sayings. She tells Amma and Happu that son was misbehaving with his father, and they were drunk. She tells that the lady asked her to get Kat married. Kat says nobody is asking me? Amma slaps Happu and says your wife is talking bad about your father’s friend family and you are not saying anything. She tells Rajjo that she knows about her family, tells that it is chindichor. Happu asks what was the use to comment on someone’s family after attending their function. Rajjo asks if I don’t have the right to say and tells that her family is far better than hers. Amma asks what? Happu asks Amma to sleep. Amma says I want an answer. Rajjo says I can answer, come….Ranbir sings the song.

Amma scolds Happu for listening silently to Rajjo’s taunts for their family. Happu says you had said bad about her family. Dada ji says bahu didn’t say anything wrong. Amma says she said bad about your friend’s family and our family. Dada ji says she expressed her views. Happu tells that he wants peace in the house and tells that only one person in this house wants fight in this house and asks her to see her face in mirror. Amma slaps him. Happu goes. Dada ji laughs. Amma threatens him and tells that Happu is the slave of his wife. Happu comes to room and asks didn’t you sleep? Rajjo says how can I sleep after hearing Amma’s taunts. Happu asks if she is stuck at the same point and tells that this drama is going on since long. He asks why did you comment on my father’s friend family. Rajjo tells that she was feeling bad seeing everyone drunk. She tells that Amma took Kat’s alliance to this family and tells that she will not let her marry in this family. Happu asks her to forget everything. Rajjo says I can’t forget. He asks if they will not romance tonight. Rajjo hits him.

Malaika wakes up and asks Kat what is she listening? She finds her tears falling down on her hand. Kat tells her that she is watching a film of two friends, and one becomes rich and other is poor. She says rich friend refuses to identify the poor friend. Kamlesh comes there. Malaika tells that real friendship was between Krishna and Sudama. Kat says Kamlesh and my friendship are like Krishna and Sudama’s friendship. They argue that they are rich. Malaika says none of you are rich. Kat tells that their friendship is beyond everything and asks Kamlesh to watch movie with her. Kamlesh sits to watch.

Amma calls Atbeer and asks him to send Desi ghee. Happu asks Amma who is sending ghee? Amma tells that Atbeer’s wife kept 10 kgs ghee for us. Malaika asks her to send Bapu to Pathakpur. Happu tells that he don’t have time. Amma tells that if his wife asks him to go to Badayu then he will go. Happu tells that even Rajesh thinks this way and says that I obey you. Beni comes there. Amma asks him to go to Pathak pur, but he refuses. When she asks him to go to Pathakpur, he readily agrees. Happu tells that Beni will get Vimlesh to Badayu. Kat and Malaika tell that they shall go to Badayu and stay there. Beni says he will also come and will get engaged to Vimlesh. Rajjo asks if she is waiting for you.

A soldier comes to Happu’s house and tells that he came to meet Badampur’s princess, and brought the ration for her. Amma tells that Rajesh is from a poor family. Rajjo tells that Badayu is Badampur. Soldier tells that she is the princess of Maharaj Bhoop Singh. Rajjo asks him to give message to bhaiyya that she will come and meet him. He leaves. Happu asks why did you hide this from me. Amma tells that when Happu’s father and I had gone to see you, then your father begged infront of me to make you as my bahu. Rajjo tells that Jayanti is not her father, as her father is Maharaj Roop Singh. She tells that Jayanti ji used to massage the horses in my palace. Happu asks how did you reach Jayanti’s home. Rajjo tells that Pandit ji had said that my father will die due to me. Amma says you was inauspicious to your father. Rajjo says that’s why Pita ji gave me in charity to Jayanti ji as suggested by Pandit ji. Malaika says you are saying this now. Rajjo tells that she was scared that the govt will eye her riyasat. Happu snatches broom from her hand and asks Amma to make tea for Rajesh. Amma asks him to make after sweeping the floor.

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

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