Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 15th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Happu realizes Amma’s decision was wrong


Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 15th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Rajjo bringing tiffins and giving to her kids. Chamchi comes out and asks why is she calling her. Rajjo asks why she is not ready to go to school. Chamchi refuses to go. Happu asks what is your problem and says your father is working hard to pay your fees and you don’t want to go. He asks Rajjo to make her wear uniform. Chamchi shouts. Beni comes there and tells that he is Chamchi’s protector and lawyer. Happu says she don’t want to go to school. Beni says Chachi asked me to read this letter in this condition. He reads in which Amma writes that she knows that they will torture Chamchi in her absence, asking her to do homework and go to school. She will go and don’t go as per her wish. He asks Chamchi not to worry.

Happu comes to the PS and tells that Chamchi is troubling them since Amma went. Manohar tells that he got a call from a person who liked your interview and offered promotion to you officially. Happu says it is good. Manohar asks him to make arrangements of 5 lakhs Rs. Happu asks him to start the process and tells that he will made the arrangements.

Later he comes home and asks Rajjo why did he make the lobiya dish? Rajjo says Chamchi asked her. Kat tells that she doesn’t like it. Malaika says even she likes it. Hritik says everything is happening with Chamchi’s wish. Malaika says Chamchi has powers, what you have? Hritik says I have my mother. Happu asks Chamchi to give Amma’s trunk keys and tells that he needs 5 lakhs rs for his promotion. Chamchi refuses. Beni comes there and reads Amma’s letter that she has appointed a body guard for Chamchi and he is Kamlesh. He asks Kat where is he? Kat says on the way. Happu asks him to read further. Beni slaps him on Amma’s behalf and asks him to sit silently. Malaika says why Kamlesh will become bodyguard. Kamlesh comes there and says Kat… Kat says think of a devil and he arrived. Happu asks Beni to read. Beni reads asking Kamlesh to guard Chamchi else she will ban his entry in her house. Kamlesh looks on tensed.

Later Happu comes to the room and sits sadly. Rajjo says she was her Papa’s favorite in childhood and used to do as he says. She tells that daughters like their fathers more than their mothers, like me. Happu cries hearing this and tells that he has no respect in this house. Rajjo says I am feeling this since I got married. Happu says Amma has done a big mistake. Rajjo says what happened to you today? Happu says I did a mistake. Rajjo says you are mistaken since 20 years. Rajjo asks him to flatter Chamchi to break the pot. She says she will praise her and will take her favorite food. She says she will get happy and give me the trunk. Happu appreciates her idea. Rajjo says ours is ours.

Hritik practices to fire dart on Chamchi. Malaika comes there. He thinks Chamchi came and falls on her feet. Ranbir teases her. Malaika says you can’t harm her. Kat says tomorrow is huge event for us. Malaika says we will get pocket money. Kat says else..Malaika says she might complain to Dadi. Ranbir says I will agree to her sayings.

Next day, Ranbir sings and please Chamchi. Chamchi tells that she likes his devotion for her. She gives him 500 Rs instead of 200 Rs. Malaika comes to take her pocket money. Chamchi gives her 500 Rs. Chamchi then refuses to give pocket money to Kat. Rajjo brings milk shake and asks her to drink it. Chamchi says you will not get the trunk and asks her to give milkshake to Hritik and asks if she made Bhujia for breakfast. Rajjo says yes. Chamchi refuses to give her trunk keys. Happu thinks she is very stubborn. Chamchi asks Hritik to do naagin dance and he dances like naagin.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Alister La Frenais

    What sort of crap is being conveyed. I realise that the show is a comical view on life, but to promote this as a comedy is pushing the boundries.

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