Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 13th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Chamchi rules in the house


Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 13th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Malaika scolding her siblings. Hritik asks when Dadi will return and tells that he is missing her. Chamchi says she doesn’t like Dadi’s chair empty. Hritik asks her to sit on Dadi’s chair. Rajjo brings food and serves them. They all have food. Rajjo asks Chamchi, why is she making faces? Chamchi says she likes Gobi paratha. Hritik asks her to give gobi paratha to her and says her faces resembles cauliflower. Chamchi fires back at Hritik. Hritik says I don’t like her. Rajjo asks her to eat silently else she will hit her. Chamchi cries and says Papa. Hritik says Papa went to drop Dadi. Ranbir says Beni uncle went, as Papa was sleeping. Happu comes out and tries to pacify Chamchi. Rajjo asks him to call Amma. Happu calls Chamchi’s face resembling to Sunflower. Chamchi tells that hritik told that her face resembles Cauliflower. Happu scolds him. Chamchi says she don’t want to eat the aloo paratha. Rajjo tells that she can’t make everyone’s favorite dishes at once. Hritik says Dadi’s Chamchi. Chamchi says you are mumy’s goons. Rajjo and Happu try to convince her to have food, but she tells that she will not have food and is unhappy without Dadi.

Beni comes home and tells that he made Amma slept in the bus. He says she gave me this letter and asks to read. He reads it, Amma tells that she is going to Maansarover with Atbeer and that’s why Chamchi will handle her responsibility. Rajjo and others are shocked. Beni reads Amma’s letter and asks Rajjo to give the keys to Chamchi. She says house expenses will be in Chamchi’s hands and all my duties will be done by Chamchi and asks them to seek her permission before doing anything and not to argue with her. Malaika thinks Dadi has gone mad. Happu says Chamchi is our daughter. Chamchi says I am not a little girl. She goes. Hritik gets upset.

Next day, Reporter comes to take Happu’s interview at the Police station. He asks who was your inspiration to take up this job. Happu tells that he was selfless since childhood and took inspiration from myself. He sends Manohar out for interrupting him and asks reporter to edit the video. Reporter asks if he takes bribe? Happu tells that he has never taken bribe, but instead helped others with money. Manohar comes and tells that Kallu came and demanding his 5000 Rs. Happu gives the money and asks him to edit. Reporter asks about his favorite case. Happu tells about an incident.

Chamchi asks Hritik to switch off mobile as she don’t want disturbance at home. Malaika and Rajjo bring food. Chamchi is sitting on Amma’s chair and behaves like her. She says I asked you to make Gobi paratha and asks why did you make other things. Rajjo says she made other things for others. Chamchi notes down and tells that her orders are not followed. She tells that she will report this to Dadi, when she meets her. Hritik asks her to let them eat food. Chamchi notes down and says Hritik is misbehaving with me and refusing to follow my orders. Rajjo says I will be careful next time. Chamchi says ok. Hritik gets angry. Rajjo asks what you will have it in night. Chamchi says gobi paratha. They all get shocked. Ranbir says they will have gastric problem then? Hritik tells that he will make matar paneer and zeera rice. Chamchi says whoever refuses to obey it, Dadi will get upset with them. She asks them to follow her orders.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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