Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 13th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Happu lies to Amma to watch film with Rajjo

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Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 13th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Happu and Beni’s conversation. Beni asks what was the kand which you didn’t do ever. Happu says I went with Amma and Rajjo and had fun. Beni says whenever you are happy, there is a problem. Happu asks what do you mean that I am panauti/inauspicious. Beni reminds him that Amma and Rajjo troubled him last time. He says it is my duty to give suggestion. Happu says I did a mistake to come here and shall not tell you anything. He says I don’t know you. Beni says Ram Ram. Happu says your moustache is 100 gms. He comes to Rajjo and plays song on tape recorder and dance. Rajjo asks if he is mad. Happu says he searched lungi song and danced to please her. Rajjo asks him to be silent else she will go and asks him to sleep alone. Happu says how 10th will come then ? Rajjo asks him to see his face. She says her mood is spoiled as she wanted to eat icecream in sharing with him and asks why did he take Amma? Happu says Amma asked so what I would have done. Rajjo hits him. He says we will watch a romantic film. She asks him to settle Amma first at home. He says ok and asks her to come. One of the baby cry. Happu goes near the baby and asks why is he crying. Baby pees on his face. Happu says my baby is mine.

In the morning, everyone gather at the dining table. Amma comes there. happu says you are late today. Amma says she was checking the sarees to wear for watching the cinema. Chamchi asks if she is going out. Amma says she is going with Rajjo and Happu to watch film. Kat comes and asks Happu to hug her. Happu stands up and hugs her. Kat tries to steal his wallet and thinks she can’t, and can’t become a heroine. She goes. Happu tells Amma that the film is romantic and can’t be watched with the parents. He then says he is unwell and can’t watch film now. Amma says you have to sit and watch just. She says I will go with you and your wife. Happu says we will go. Rajjo thinks he is having enmity with her. Kat comes and asks Happu to stand up and says her phone fell down. She tries to steal the wallet. Happu says I don’t have money. Kat hugs him and tries to steal his wallet, but can’t steal it. She thinks my luck is broking. Happu asks if she is acting in a play. Malaika thinks I know why Didi is doing acting again and again. Happu says so it is decided we will watch film together with Amma later on.

Later, Happu is starting his scooter, Rajjo scolds him. Happu says we both will watch film and talks romantically. Rajjo asks him to bring sweets. Happu asks for a kiss to get energy. Rajjo gives a flying kiss and runs inside. Beni comes there. Happu says Rajesh peeled my kidney last night. Beni asks what was her need to make an issue and praises Vimlesh. Happu asks why she don’t take you. Beni says you are not letting us unite and remind that he helped him to marry Rajjo.

Amma thinks she wants to watch film today, but Happu is unwell. Nargis Mausi comes and asks what happened? Amma asks about Beni. Mausi says he is lawyer and must have gone to practice. She asks where is Rajjo? Amma says she might be on call with her mum. Mausi asks did you ask Happu to stay away from Rajjo. Amma says she is trying. Nargis says he might slip from your hand. Amma says she is his Amma and tells that she went with them to have kulfi. Nargis Mausi asks her to be with them. Amma says today she wanted to watch film, but Happu got unwell. Nargis Mausi asks her to come and watch film with her. Amma and Mausi get happy. Mausi says I will make food for Beni.

Precap: Mausi sees Happu and Rajjo in the theatre and tell Amma. Amma says he lied to me. She shouts at Happu.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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