Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 13th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Mamera seeks help from Amma

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The Episode starts with the kids playing. Rajesh’s brother Mamera comes there. Hritik asks what did he bring for them? Mamera says he came in a hurry. Hritik asks him to take them to the toy shop and buy toys for them. The kids argue and fight. Rajjo and Vimlesh come out and gets happy seeing mamera. Mamera says didi and gets happy. Vimlesh asks him to stay there for some days. Mamera says he needs their help. Rajjo asks what is the problem? Mamera asks them to give him some food. Happu is upset and tells Beni that he is upset, even though he try not to show. Beni asks what happened? Happu says my promotion time is coming near, but Resham Pal is upset. He asks him to give some idea to please Resham Pal. Beni says bribe. Happu says Resham Pal dislikes the bribe. Beni asks him to call him to his house for dinner and make him have 56 bhog, so that he slaps promotion envelope on your head. Happu says Resham Pal drinks too, and I don’t want him to drink infront of kids. Beni asks him to make him drink outside then. Happu says Rajjo makes tasty food sometimes and sometimes not. Beni asks him to convince Rajjo first. Happu says ok. Beni says we will take him outside to drink.

Vimlesh asks Mamera to eat less paan and says you made the bathroom red. Mamera greets Amma. Amma says you came after a long time and says it is not good to come to sister’s house often. Mamera tells that he is in problem and that’s why came to take help. He says he is in love and wants to marry her.

He says even she loves me a lot, but she is from a rich family and they will not agree for me. Dada ji asks Amma if she remembers anything. Rajjo says so what, you have the right to love. Amma says even I used to be of rich family, and your sasur was poor. She says I used to love him and eloped with him. She tells Mamera that the troubles will come infront of true love, but it will win. Rajjo asks if it is true love or time pass. Vimlesh asks him to say. Mamera says I love her a lot and will scatter like pomegranate. Amma asks them to elope and marry, so that the family will agree. Hritik says where will they go while eloping? Chamchi says if their speed don’t match. Kat says it is adventurous. Mamera says he is a coward. Rajjo asks him to bring the girl here, but not to let Happu know anything. Amma asks him to go ahead.

Later in the evening, Rajjo brings Paan for Happu. Happu and Mamera are sitting in the lawn. Happu asks how did you come suddenly. Mamera tells that he came to work in the factory. Happu asks what is the work? Mamera says I will grow the plant from the tree. Happu says how? Mamera says he will grow the foreign plants in factory. Happu jokes. Rajjo takes him from there.

Mamera calls Rusha (Resham Pal’s sister in law). Rusha asks him to call him Rashmita, her real name. She asks did you think about me? Mamita says nobody can stop us from uniting. She says my jija ja is alive. He says even my jiji is with me. Rusha says I want to marry my lover and says Mamera, I love you.

Rajjo tells Happu that she didn’t ask him anything. Happu says he has promotion time now and thinking what to do to please Resham Pal. Rajjo says she has an idea and asks him to call him home, and make him have food, so that he promotes him. Happu says even he was thinking the same and asks for the kiss. Rajjo says she needs to sleep and says good night.

Kat tells Kamlesh that hero and heroine are running away. Kamlesh says police also runs behind. Kat asks what you can do for me? Kamlesh says anything. Kat asks him to elope with her. Kamlesh says Happu uncle, your Papa, will send me to heaven. Kat says we will just do acting. Kamlesh asks how to do acting of eloping. Kat says we will go secretly to high way and then have paratha there, and then come back home. Kamlesh says it is a dangerous game and says I don’t want you to talk to my photo with the garland and candles infront of it. He refuses and goes.

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

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