Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 13th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Kamlesh and Kat get married

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 13th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Beni praying to God to get his setting done with Vimlesh. Kat asks Hritik if beni will recognize her voice. Hritik says this number is new. Kat calls Beni and tells that she is Vimlesh. Beni asks since when you started English. Kat says she is learning English now. She tells that Kamlesh is in lock up, whom she regards as her brother. She asks him to get him out of the lock up, as Happu got him arrested to keep him away from Kat. Beni says ok, he will get him freed and asks her to meet him personally. Kat says they will meet under the moonlight. Beni comes to the PS and bails out Kamlesh. Resham Pal scolds Happu for arresting Kamlesh and tells that he knows Kamlesh and Kat. He goes.. Kamlesh comes there and hugs Beni. He leaves. Happu tells Beni that Kat fooled him in Vimlesh’s voice and scolds him for bailing out Kamlesh. Kamlesh meets Kat. Kat says she can kill anyone to save him. She feels apologetic for Happu’s behavior. Kamlesh thanks her. Kat tells that my father is stubborn star. Kamlesh says time has come to become relatives. Kat asks how? Kamlesh says we will do such a thing that nobody can separate us anytime.

Happu talks to Rajjo’s brother and tells that Kat didn’t reach there. Amma tells that Kat has eloped. Chamchi explains that Kat eloped for forever. Rajjo says she trusts Kat. Kat comes there and says she can never run. They are surprised to see Kamlesh and Kat in wedding attire and garlands in their necks. They dance. Kat laughs. Hritik asks if you are coming from fancy dress competition. Kamlesh says Kat married him. Beni says I didn’t marry vimlesh yet. Happu asks what is this act? Kamlesh says I am your son in law. Happu slaps him. Kat asks him to give respect to her husband. Amma says she has ruined our respect and eloped to marry. Kamlesh says we have done the rounds and tells that God, Pandit ji and mangalsutra are the witness. Kat says she regards Kamlesh as her husband. Beni tells that Kat has accepted him as her husband. Malaika congratulates them and claps. Happu slaps Kamlesh repeatedly. Kat stops him and says if you want to slap him, then have to go through my dead body next time. Kamlesh says they got married to stay together. Beni says we can’t do anything as they are adults. Happu insists to talk to Sudarshan. Rajjo cries.

Kamlesh asks the kidos about his shoes. Chamchi asks for 11000 Rs to give shoes. Kamlesh laughs and says I will buy more shoes. Malaika says you have to do rasam else….I will beat you. Kamlesh asks happu to give 11000 Rs and says I will return soon. He slaps him. Sudarshan comes there and slaps Kamlesh. Kat asks for his blessings. Amma says they shall cry for her daughter’s bidaai. Rajjo asks Sudarshan to take his son away. Kamlesh says he will slap case against them. Kat says then everyone will be in jail. Happu asks Sudarshan to take Kat and Kamlesh to his house. Sudarshan asks why? Beni explains to him. Sudarshan tells that it was Kat’s mistake, she trapped him and got married. Rajjo blames Kamlesh and asks him to leave with Kamlesh and Kat. Sudarshan says I can’t take risk of accepting your daughter as my bahu and asks Kamlesh to give the bike keys. Kamlesh refuses and says he will go to have faluda with his wife. Sudarshan takes the keys and slaps him. Hritik says my father is yours now. Happu asks them to go.

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

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