Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 12th September 2019 Written Episode Update: Hritik feigns Memory loss, Happu blames himself


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Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 12th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Rajjo crying and telling Amma that hritik was fast and intelligent, but now…Amma says yes and asks her to have patience. Rajjo says I can’t live and cries. Hritik comes there and comes as a kabadi wali. He asks her to sell the waste things. Amma cries and gets upset on Kamlesh. Rajjo asks if he will get fine? Amma says yes and asks her to come near her. She whispers in her ears that she will scold her badly, Hritik couldn’t hear that and will be fine. She asks her not to feel bad about her words. Rajjo says I will not feel bad. Amma starts calling her poisonous naagin etc and accuses her for trapping happu and marrying him. Hritik hears everything. Rajjo cries. Hritik goes laughing. Amma says she should have told more. Rajjo says you have shaken up my soul

and told what is in her heart. Amma thinks I was scolding her so that his memory comes back and says atleast her heart is light now.

Manohar talks to Happu when he comes to police station. Happu asks him to bring water and sees Rajjo’s call. He asks how is hritik? Rajjo cries and says my lalla. She tells that Amma’s brain is shaken up. Happu asks her to tell what happened? Rajjo tells everything that Amma scolded her on the pretext of bringing Hritik’s memory. Happu says Amma did that to bring his memory. Rajjo says she knows his Amma well and ends the call. She prays to God and says she will go to temple barefoot. Manohar brings water and asks why is he looking sad? Happu says hritik lost his memory, but Kamlesh said that he didn’t fall from his scooter. Manohar tells that Hritik didn’t fall, but lost memory as he seen Commissioner beating you. He says may be he couldn’t handle it and was traumatized. Happu says yes, I got beaten up many times, but this time my son got unwell due to commissioner saheb.

Amma calls Hritik. Dada ji asks her if he became fine. Amma says no and tells that he is like a bird now. Dada ji says this has happened due to happu, if he had gone to drop them to school then this wouldn’t have happened. Amma says that camel shall drop the kids, talking about Rajjo. Chamchi comes there and asks her to come, says Hritik is acting to have memory loss. Amma says he has a deep injury and lost memory. Chamchi asks her to stand near the window and see, says she has kept his favorite chocolate. Amma and Chamchi keep eye on him. Hritik sees chocolate and smacks his lips. He asks who has kept the coal here and throws the chocolate packet in beni’s house. He asks where are you Hariya. Chamchi says I will find out somehow. Amma asks her not to do anything. Hritik comes to Beni’s house and takes the chocolate, says he has not played an unplanned game.

Happu comes home. Amma asks Rajjo about Hritik. Rajjo says he is sleeping. Happu sits on the bed and tells that Hritik lost his memory because of him and blames himself. He says Manohar called us and Commissioner blasted on me. He says some money came for the ration from his house and I kept it in my pocket. He says Commissioner has beaten me and Hritik sees me through the window and got traumatized as I am hero in his eyes. Rajjo asks what is trauma in this? Happu asks her to imagine seeing her father Jayanti getting slapped by someone. Amma says I was cursing Kamlesh unnecessarily. Rajjo says that’s why he said that he was innocent. Beni tells happu that Kamlesh drank poison to prove his innocence and wrote suicide note. He says he is taking him to hospital. Kamlesh says I didn’t do anything. Amma asks if you are mad? Beni takes Kamlesh to hospital. Rajjo says we are already in trouble, one more trouble surfaced.

Precap will be added later.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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