Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 12th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Kamlesh gets Amma’s saree repaired

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 12th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with happu talking on phone and says today is the good day. Rajjo asks him to remember what happened in night, reminds him that Amma’s saree is burnt because of him and says now Amma is asking her saree. Happu asks her to do something and signed her, but she wants that saree. Happu says it was given by pita ji so it is special to her. Rajjo says you are her son and I am outsider. Happu says I will tell Amma that it is burnt by me. Rajjo asks really. Happu asks her to handle him after that and lie on her lap. Rajjo stares him. He says he is scared of her. She says she will punch him and smiles.

Happu comes to the dining table. The kids say good morning teacher. Happu says they are teasing me today. He asks Rajjo about Malaika and Kat. Rajjo says they are having food in room. Happu says it is wrong. Ayushman says small family is happy family. Happu says you would have told before then we would have stopped at you. Hritik says mummy looked beautiful than Dadi in that saree. Dada ji coughs. Amma taunts him. Rajjo says Amma looks more beautiful. Amma says you are more beautiful even after 9 kids. Rajjo gets happy and goes to make paratha for her. Happu asks Amma to give her saree to Rajjo and win her heart. Amma says I need to win her heart as I am her bahu and she is my saas. Happu says you are misunderstanding me. Amma says I would have given my saree to Rajjo, but your father desires to see me wearing that saree and dance in rain. Dada ji says with me. Happu is shocked. Ranbir sings song nache nache. Happu gets worried.

He talks to Beni. Beni asks why didn’t he control his romance till Rajjo pressed the saree. Happu says he don’t gets time to romance. Rajjo comes there and says I have a dream that Amma is running behind me taking lathi in her hand. Happu says you are saying as if the cloth which gets stuck to the saree. Kat comes and says I am going to meet Kamlesh. Happu says I don’t like this guy. Kamlesh tells Kat that his bike slipped on the road and his jeans torn. Kat asks you want me to gift one. Kamlesh says I know a person who repairs torn clothes like new. Happu asks him to tell in English. Kamlesh says I know an expert who specializes in fixing the clothes. Happu gets happy and says I like this guy always. Rajjo runs inside and brings the saree. She tells Kamlesh that the saree is burnt and asks him to repair it. Malaika hears her. Rajjo tells her everything. Malaika says it is not good. Kamlesh says he will get it repaired and goes with Kat.

Amma tells Rajjo that the shop was closed since 2 days and asks why did you give my saree for dry cleaning. She says that guy was in his village. Rajjo changes the topic. Amma says I am asking how can you give my saree to the shop when it is closed. Rajjo says she gave saree to Chedi and asks him to press it. Amma asks her to tell him not to burn it. The tailor repairs the saree and gives to Kamlesh. Kat pays the money. She says you are a diamond and asks him to tell her mother. He calls Rajjo and says saree is repaired and they are on the way. Rajjo comes to Amma and congratulates her. Amma says if 10th one is coming then I will kick both of you out. Rajjo says your saree is coming like a brand new saree and says she will make matar paneer today. Happu talks to Manohar and scolds him for talking nonstop.

Commissioner comes to Police station and tells that his chain is stolen. Happu asks did you see the thief. Commissioner says no. Happu says did he tell something. Commissioner jokes and says no. Happu says why are you tensed? Commissioner says it is Police commissioner’s chain and had a locket. Happu says what is so special about it. Commissioner says there was a photo in the locket and sends Manohar out. He says my pic was with Gulfam Kali, my lips and her cheeks was visible in the pic. Happu is shocked. Commissioner says I want that chain and chain snatcher else we both will lose our job.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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