Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 12th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Amma distributes her jewellery to kids

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 12th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Happu asking Makwana why did he marry his wife, when he couldn’t cook food. Resham Pal comes there. Happu says just now we finished food. He tells that he is going on a secret mission and tells that many times police are involved so he will go alone and catch the smuggler. Resham Pal asks him to catch the smuggler. Happu thinks he has to clear the mess which he did by lying to spend time with Rajjo. Hritik calls Happu and tells that Dadi fell down on the road and fainted. Malaika says they didn’t do right to lie. Happu tells Commissioner that he has to go and leaves. Rajjo sings song and gets ready waiting for Happu. Babita calls Rajjo. Rajjo says she is waiting for Happu as Amma took kids outside. She asks her to think how she will enjoy in the house. Babita gets jealous and ends the call. Rajjo calls Happu. Amma eats icecream with the kids. Hritik tells that his father has kept the bribe in the almari. Happu reaches the place and finds Amma and kids enjoying icecream. He asks Amma if she got consciousness. Amma says she acted to call him. Happu says you are still childish and tells that he was going to Rajjo.

He asks what is this drama? Amma says if I had told you truth then you wouldn’t have come. She asks him to have icecream. Happu says I am upset with you and tells that he likes Malai Pista since childhood. Amma thinks one of her last wish gets fulfilled. She gives money to the icecream seller. Happu thanks Amma for the icecream. Amma hugs him. Rajjo waits for Happu and thinks he is not picking the call. Beni calls Rajjo and says hello. Rajjo says she is waiting for Happu. Beni says wah…a beautiful wife is waiting for her husband. Rajjo says he didn’t come. Beni appreciates her. Rajjo asks him to call someone. Beni says someone and asks do you know what you are saying? Rajjo says don’t think of my sister and asks him not to argue with him. He says he is Beni. Rajjo says she is Rajesh. Happu comes home with Amma and kids. Hritik says you missed icecream. Amma appreciates Rajjo for waiting for her. She asks Happu to tell Rajjo about eating the flavored icecream. Happu says Malai Pista. Rajjo goes inside. Amma says she got jealous, I asked her to come, but she didn’t come. She hugs him.

Happu asks Rajjo to open the door. Rajjo asks him to wait for 5 mins. She opens the door after changing the saree. Happu asks did you wear this saree for me. He says sorry. Rajjo looks at him upset. Happu tells that he had lied to Commissioner, when Resham Pal called him and lied. He tells everything and says they cheated me. Rajjo says what do you think that I was born yesterday and says you had phone with you. I called you many times, but you didn’t pick my call. Happu says he didn’t hear his phone vibrating. Rajjo asks Happu to marry Amma then. Happu tells that he will repent for his mistake and will keep her happy. Rajjo tells that it seems I came to brothel and you are the dancer there. Happu is shocked. He says I will set you and will give you happiness. Rajjo says you didn’t know what you shall say. Happu promises that he will not do this again. Rajjo says I am giving you a last chance. Happu says ok, tells that he is not going to PS now. Later in the night, Amma asks the kids to call Rajjo. Rajjo says she is coming in 2 mins.

Amma shows the jewellery to Happu and tells that today she will distribute it among bahu and kids. Happu asks what is the hurry? Amma thinks how to tell him that my life is about to end. She gives bangles to Kat. Kat says it is beautiful. Amma gives ring to Malaika. Malaika says it is good, I will beat the goons wearing this. Rajjo comes there. Happu says Amma is distributing jewellery. Rajjo says it is good. Amma gives pendant to Ranbir and chain to Hritik. She gives watch to Happu. Rajjo asks what is left for me. Amma checks and says there is nothing left for you. Rajjo goes back to kitchen.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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