Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 11th October 2019 Written Episode Update: Beni reads Dada ji’s first ‘will’


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Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 11th October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Happu trying to stop Rajjo from leaving. Rajjo says this is enough and says I have no respect in this house. Happu says if you order then our kids will salute you day and night. Rajjo says she don’t want this. Amma asks what do you want? Rajjo says she wants her rights. Amma thinks she can’t change this truth. Happu tells Rajjo that she has first right in the house. Chameli asks Amma if she shall pack her bags. Amma asks him to get her tickets done. Happu says you both have equal rights. Amma says this house is of my husband and it is mine. Rajjo says this is of my husband too. Amma says your sasur didn’t write this house on your name. Rajjo says it must be written on my name as Pita ji was troubled by you. Dada ji hesitantly says yes. Beni comes and says he

has Dada ji’s will with him. Happu asks him to read in the morning and takes Rajjo with him.

Hritik asks Ranbir if he has stolen his 10 Rs and ate chocolate buying with that money. Ranbir tells that he picked the chocolate from the floor. Hritik blames him for stealing his 10 rs. Chamchi takes Ranbir’s side. Hritik asks him to swear on mummy. Ranbir swears and coughs. Hritik says I will tell everyone. Chamchi tells that this is Dadi’s house. Hritik and Malaika tell that this is Rajjo’s house. They argue and fight verbally. Chamchi says Dadi will kick you both out. Malaika says she will kick them out once the house is on Rajjo’s name.

Kamlesh comes to Beni’s house. Beni thinks thief entered and takes slipper to beat him. Kamlesh says he came. Beni asks what happened? Kamlesh says his father kicked him out as he forgot to pay the bill, says he gave me money, but I forgot. Beni says it is your father’s mistake as you are his son. Kamlesh says you are my big brother and asks him to let him stay here. beni asks him to think his house as his.

In the morning, Rajjo and Amma come out and wait for Beni. Happu comes to Rajjo and Amma. Beni and Kamlesh come there. Beni asks if everyone came? Happu asks shall I call the neighbors. Beni says I came to read the “will” and has no relation with you all. Amma asks Chamchi to give her chappal. Beni says I am reading and asks them to hold on their hearts and listen. Kamlesh translates in English. Beni reads that after his death, everything will be of his wife Kathori. Malaika and Chamchi are shocked. Amma asks Beni to read again and asks Happu whose house is this? Happu says yours. Amma says I am the owner of this house and will rule. The kids argue over the ownership of the house. Kamlesh comes there. Malaika asks him to go and slaps him. He runs. Malaika says our time will come.

Happu tells Beni to make heavy pack else he can’t go infront of Rajjo and tells that she is threatening to go to Maayka. Beni makes the drink and says I will go to drop Rajesh and will meet Vimlesh. Happu gets upset. Beni tells Happu that khodi chacha wrote another ‘will’ after this. Happu asks why didn’t you tell before. Rajjo hears them.

Precap: Beni reads second ‘will’ in which Dada ji named the house on Rajjo’s name.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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