Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 11th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Kat and Malaika warn Rajjo against Laila

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 11th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Beni telling that his hotel is opened for both men and women and everyone is welcome. Kat says I am very happy as Kamlesh and my dream is fulfilling today. The kids order dishes. Kamlesh and Kat serve them. They order more things in French. Amma waits for Laila and thinks why she is not coming. She says she wants to talk to her. Laila asks did you search guy for me and tells that she wants dashing guy and not lallu guy. Dada ji tells Amma that the girl is very clever and asks her to be careful. Amma says yes and asks the girl not to get scared, says she is talking to Happu’s father who died 10 years ago, but comes sometimes. Laila says ghost and calls him bhoot uncle. Dada ji asks Amma to set his impression. Amma says I thought you will get afraid. Laila says once a ghost came to my hostel, I ran behind her lighting fire on a clothed stick. At home, Happu comes home and asks about his Saali. Manohar talks nonstop. Happu asks Manohar if his Saali does naughty things. Manohar says no and tells that his saali slaps him sometimes. Happu says my Saali is sticking to me. Commissioner comes there. Happu tells him about his Saali. Amma asks Laila to stay away from Happu. Laila says if she wanted to be with jija then would have gone to the Police station. Amma says if Rajjo sees you both then will beat Happu much. Laila says I was not doing anything wrong. Amma says I have seen you both in kitchen and says if Rajjo had seen then a big trouble will come. Laila says ok and goes. Amma says all badayu people are same. Commissioner asks Happu to stay away from Saali. Happu says I stay away from her, but comes and sticks to me. Commissioner tells that his Saali used to do the same things and tells that she is now his wife. Happu gets shocked.

Laila comes to Rajjo and starts talking. Rajjo says I had last seen you in my marriage when you was 7 years old. She says you sat on Happu’s lap. Happu comes there. Rajjo tells him about Laila. Laila asks them to come to restaurant for dinner. Rajjo says she is cooking in kitchen. Laila asks Happu to take her. Happu and Laila come to Kat and Kamlesh’s restaurant. Happu asks how is your restaurant. Beni says just started. Kamlesh says this is French restaurant and tells about dishes name. Happu says I didn’t hear these names. Kamlesh tells names of dishes. Happu orders dishes. Laila asks Happu if he had love or arrange marriage. Happu says love, which is arranged. He asks when are you marrying? Laila says marriage ruins people and says she don’t want to marry. Happu says marriage is a start of life. She says you are so romantic, romance ends after marriage. Happu says it is not like that. Laila asks him to propose her. Happu says ok and proposes her. Laila tells that she will propose him and kisses on his hand and then proposes him. Happu is shocked. Kat sees that and tells Beni and Kamlesh. Happu thinks if I tell her anything then Rajjo will peel my kidney.

Kat and Malaika come to Rajjo and tell her about Laila and Happu. Malaika tells her that Happu and Laila are having food looking at each other’s eyes. Rajjo says Happu is romantic, but why Laila is doing this. Malaika says if she had thought then she wouldn’t have kissed father. Rajjo is shocked and thinks to talk to Chacha. They ask Rajjo to handle Happu before Laila flies with him.

Precap: Rajjo sees Laila hugging Happu in the kitchen. Happu sees Rajjo hiding behind the fridge.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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