Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 11th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Amma gets emotional and thinks of missing family after death

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 11th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Rajjo talking to her friend and she tells her about her husband flirteous way. Rajjo says you have a point. Her friend asks if your husband gives her time. Rajjo says he gives me much time and tells that when he comes here then he will ask you to go. Her friend says let’s see. Happu comes home and tells that he is going to Beni’s house. Her friend teases Rajjo. Later she calls Rajjo and asks how is she? Rajjo says she just now woke up. Her friend tells that her husband went to make bed tea for her. Rajjo says he will make good tea. Her friend says bed tea. She asks what your husband is doing? Rajjo says even my husband went to make tea for me. She ends the call and wakes up Happu. She asks him to make bed tea for her. happu makes tea for Rajjo, but Amma asks him to give tea to her. Amma gets emotional and thinks don’t know how many days she will drink tea with him. Happu serves tea to Amma. Amma asks did you make this? Happu says yes. Amma asks Happu to talk to her. Happu tells that everyone is fine. Amma asks him to say more. Happu says police station is fine, some water leakage is there. Amma asks for more. Happu says everything is fine. Amma asks him to tell about himself.

Rajjo calls Happu and asks for tea. Happu tells that he made tea and drank with Amma. Rajjo says where is my tea then? Happu tells that he has to rush to bathroom and asks her to make tea for herself. Her friend calls her again and asks how was her tea? Rajjo pretends not to hear and ends the call. Amma gets emotional and looks at her family members. She says Hritik is the shine of my house and thinks she will miss him. She thinks she will miss Ranbir also, his voice is good. She thinks Malaika is the epitome of honesty and tells that she likes her. She thinks my british’s kat is tip top and whatever she says seems to be sweet. Hritik asks why the environment is sad. Malaika says they are growing up fast. Happu taunts Ranbir and tells that he is like donkey. Kat says your mind is small like a peanut. Hritik laughs. Amma says my family is very good, I will see him for few more days now. Rajjo asks why you are not having food. Amma says I am thinking to take kids to icecream and asks Happu to come. Happu says he will be in PS then and asks her to take Rajjo. Rajjo says I can’t eat icecream as my neck chokes. Amma thinks who can understand better. She says she will take the kids. Happu calls Rajjo and asks her to give him socks. Rajjo gives him socks. Happu asks if she is upset due to tea matter. He promises her that he will make tea for her and says Amma’s promise. Rajjo asks Happu to come in the afternoon to spend time with her as Amma and Kids are going out. Happu says I swear on Amma that I will come. Rajjo gets happy and goes. The baby cries. Happu asks Rajjo to see baby. The baby pee on his face. Happu says you will become inspector like me and says apnon apnon hi hota hai…

Kamlesh tells Kat that he was thinking and tells that yesterday night, my Papa slapped me hard on my cheeks and said that he wants me to become a doctor. Kat asks why your dad slap you? Kamlesh tells that he don’t want to become a doctor, but engineer. He says then my father slapped me. Kat asks if his cheeks are paining. Kamlesh says pain is gone. Kat asks him to explain to her father that if he becomes a doctor then he will be a bad doctor, but he can be a good engineer. Kamlesh likes her idea and tells that he will write all her dialogue and will say it with full confidence. Kat couldn’t say it again.

Makwana appreciates the food made by Rajesh. Manohar says I couldn’t eat it. Happu says I had just 1 roti and tells Manohar that he had all his food. Makwana says his wife doesn’t know cooking. Happu asks why did you marry your wife then?

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

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